Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enchanted Mirror - defrauded I placed this order for a dress with a website called 'enchanted mirror' aka 'Timeless Finery' on 2-20-09. The page promised delivery within 3-4 weeks, so I figured there'd be enough time until 3-31, when I had planned to wear it.

3-4 weeks went by - nothing. I asked, and the response was that I should have read the FAQ page, which explains that some items take up to 12 weeks (gee - why did the page for the item say 3-4 weeks?), but that they were expecting the dress middle of april.

Middle of april and even 12 weeks came and went - nothing. I asked again and they said that they would check with the vendor. Nothing more.

In June I insisted that I wanted my money back. Nothing.

I filed a claim with Paypal and they said that that should have happened within 30 days. (They obviously knew how to circumvent paypal rules).

Emails to them kept bouncing back. A couple of weeks ago I started searching and found one of her myspace sites and made comments about the fraud. I received an email back by someone pretending to be a friend of the owner's , barbara McLuin, writing that she'd forward the information. We went back and forth a few times, until she stopped pretending to be someone else. When I insisted that I wanted my money back or I would go to the BBB, she wrote 'Goahead and do what you need to do. God bless!' and she blocked me.

Today, I contacted Paypal by phone and told them about the fraud and that there's a whole list of people that have complaints in with the Better Business Bureau without resolution. The BBB gives the business an 'F'. They said that they would take action. I hope they suspend her account. They also suggested that I file a complaint with , which is the internet crime unit. and also report it to , I did all that.

Then I tried her timelessfinery@gmail one more time. This time it went through and she pretended to be a seamstress named Antoinette. We went back and forth. Then she sent me this sob story:'I will assume the reason Barbara did not refund you is two KY seamstresses stole over $2500 and a storage unit full of items, fabrics, etc from her, and she does not HAVE the funds to refund you. NOT your problem at all, I understand this. But can you not do a "chargeback" with your credit card to get your funds back? I understand that could help you?

I understand you are upset, and I wish I could help you more. Barbara is selling privately to boutiques in the Atlanta area, so will not be using "Enchanted Mirror" for that, so only the online store uses that name.

She several times made the suggestion to use a charge back to get my money back. Yeah, sure, 9 months later, when it's been paid with a debit card straight out of my account. And of course, that's still fraud that they don't seem to have a problem with.

She just moved from Lexington, KY to Loganville, GA and she claims to have had to borrow the money to move.

She's also now threatening to file bogus claims against my business. As soon as I come across something I will file such a huge slander suit, she won't know what hit her.

Any of you that has been defrauded by her, feel free to contact me.

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  1. I thought I was the only one!! Please contact me!! she ripped me off for $219 last january. Same crap your going through!! trying to blame me for all her problems! she blocked my phone and email so I can no longer contact her. I have about a hundred emails from her and her lame ass excuses and a LOT of incriminating evidence against her! I have filed with internet fraud, kentuckey BBB, Stevie's attorneys and a few others. I will help you if you can help me!! We need to send all info to the Kentuckey Newspapers also tennesee, and georgia. Has anyone else had problems? I also had the same problem with pay pal...she is smart strings you along long enough so you have no recourse!! Let me know what you think

  2. Dear Michaela Graham & Chris Van Hook,

    Just found out about this posting, wanted to update you on your orders and refunds.
    Miss Van Hook, your package will be shipped out by 12/04/09 as promised.
    Miss Graham, you will be issued a full refund in December.

    Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

    The Enchanted Mirror

  3. I have known many others who have been defrauded by Ms. McLuin and there have been complaints filed in regards to interstate Cyber Fraud.

  4. I am sorry you ladies have had to experience this, PLEASE continue on with your legal efforts, do not give in. If you need guidance, I am just some keystrokes away. I also know of many complaints that were filed against her.

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  6. Keep Lying Barb, and trying to turn the subject spotlight off the real issue here - Your Thievery! My mother assisted to with the VERY first Cape -which was FOR MICHELLE's WWD Cape. SHE knows that because to this date I send pictures of the progress to alleviate any fears because some of my current clients were yours at one time. THANK YOU for the business...Michelle even wrote my Mom a nice email thanking her for helping me figure out how to make the capes. Big Deal, so what...I've NEVER not sent merchandise to my customers that was 100% paid for NOR have I EVER asked anyone for payment in full. As for YOU being better than Michelle and her having an "issue" with need to do some GOOGLE research on HER versus YOU. I think that sums of my statement for the evening.

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  9. What craziness, another lie. Yeah I remember talking to Desi and have EVERY EMAIL she ever sent me. Do you REALLY want those posted in a blog just to see what a fool you will look like for lying in here? I have NOTHING to prove to anyone here, I am just trying to help innocent people.

    Ms. Backwards, I was the one that was FORCED to file a restraining order against you at your prior residence of Eureka Springs in Lexington, KY. You did this to you...don't deflect.

    Repeatedly you prove your guilt through your wordsmithing disabilities.

    Anyway my purpose coming here was to HELP those that are seeking legal recourse against Ms. McLuin, continue on and get your money back. You deserve it.

    Willing to write further in this blog if it helps someone otherwise, look for a positive blog near you!

  10. Dear Chis Van Hook,
    Your package (cape and tambourine) shipped out this morning.
    Your USPS Delivery confirmation number is:


    Shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Should arrive with you early next week.
    Happy Holidays!
    The Enchanted Mirror Shoppe

  11. I got screwed by Barbara McLuin in 2008. I have had exactly the same problem as everone else, EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES is all that I have received from her. I have also asked for my money back and was told by her that she didn't have it because her car was broke down and she was moving and the fabric had already been purchased.I was also told that my purchase would take 6 to 8 weeks and nearly 2 years later I still haven't received it. I hope something is done about her, She is just a commom white trash theif.And not a good Stevie impersonator

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  13. Well I did fianally get a shipping number but there is no movement on the package. Like it never left her house. but why would I be suprised?? not...really! Just shows Barbara's true colors. YELLOW! once a liar and thief always a liar and thief. Does anyone know where to get Stevie stly clothing and really recieve it? I have found some in Pyramid any other sites?

  14. Dear Chris Van Hook,
    I assure you, your cape and tambourine DID leave the store, and will be at your home this week. Delivery confirmation numbers sometimes don't show anything but when label is printed, then when item is delivered, so there is no reason it will not be WITH YOU this week.
    Bright blessings,
    The Enchanted Mirror
    PS: anyone reading this "blog" is welcome to check this package's status updates this week, at
    The tracking # is:
    9101 1288 8230 0912 1443 89
    If we did not ship Ms. Van Hook's package, we would not post this info on the WWW for all to see :)

  15. Furthermore, your comment of COPY CATS is absolutely ridiculous in every way. Nobody is copying YOU, delusional Barbara, Get it in your head now. You are lumped in with the same impersonators copying STEVIE NICKS

    Watch this, everyone. I know she won't listen. Her narcissistic personality disorder is so bad that she'll never admit to anything. I know this. I know what I am getting into, but it has gotten too far.

    On top of it all, if you were the original and had the only store, why on earth was anyone buying from Designs by Bear BEFORE you. Weren't you copying Bear?

    Also, if Michelle is SOOO jealous of you, and is so ate up with it, as you say, why on earth is she the one playing large venues and casinos... Have you YET played casinos? I'd love to see photos and video! Seems like the pot calling the kettle black to me! Then you just turn around if she even posts one thing and say that it's them following/copying/harassing you.

    This is really sad.

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  17. Ahem.. Right. -blinks- Okay, if you say so.

    God, this woman is nuts.

    And I am not Ocie nor Michelle, thank you very much.

  18. I am not "Anonymous" I am using MY NAME.

    BULLOCKs to you and your piss off and send people the merchandise you owe them or give them their money back.

    Thankfully, you continue to spew to make yourself look foolish. Hmmmm...just might be time to post those emails from Desi Coltrane that you brought up. You might want to read my blog in a few days. Oh, but yet again, I wasn't "worth 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME."

    We'll see THEN who is the foolish one.

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  20. Barbara, this is the only time I am going to talk to you in public.I will not respond to you should you post a comment here.

    I have not one reason to be jealous of you! Why should I be? What do you have or do that would make me jealous of YOU?

    You are such a perfect textbook case of Narcissism--your picture should be next to the definition. Paranoid, self important and jealous. You should look it up.

    How about the letter you wrote me asking my forgiveness for all the hateful things you said in public about me, and after I forgave you, you turned around and started the bashing again?

    No matter what you think of my talent or looks, it is a fact that I have a successful band that has been playing for more than 8 years and you just cannot stand it.

    Who is NOT living in the real world?
    Stop talking about competing with the Pro's and do it, already! Sheesh! Stop telling us every year that you are going to rule the world....
    No one takes you seriously. No One.
    And by the way thanks for sending lots of people to my website to check out the "70 year old" babe...Do you know how silly that makes you sound when they take a look at me? Really!!

    Unlike you, I am not sensitive about my age, I am 56 and have no problem with that.....But you obviously are since it is public knowledge that you are 49 and not the 34 years old that you have been for 5 years now.

    Just stop, Barbara. You look desperate.

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  22. If anyone has valid statements about an order they actually placed at my store, and have not received, please email me at:
    with your invoice (three digit number).
    We are working to get all new and past due orders out as fast as we can, and I choose not to return to this place with so much Hate and Negativity during the holidays, we are far too busy with our work and Positive things.
    I will not return to read any posts, so if you need to say something to me, please feel free to email the above.
    Other than that, I say farewell,
    and happy Holidays!

  23. Funny how all her posts have suddenly disappeared.


  24. OK tried to contact Barbara again this AM and she is blocking my emails again. she states it's my computers fault but I dont think so! So here goes Barbara, Well what is it this time???? If you HAD shipped it would have been here by now. What is your excuse this time? It is not the post offices fault if you don’t go there. Last time you used that excuse YOU found MY package outside in the rain with the label washed off!! SO WHAT IS IT THIS TIME???

  25. Well we all certainly cannot go read her blog for any update because she has made that private as well......Go Figure. I do see that 12 hours se posted a blog called "TOO FUNNY" that we cannot access becuase of the Privacy setting, although I feel that she is working on a draft of something so when it's all done she can have it for viewing again. Here is what I googled: enchanted mirror blogspot

    Unfortunately try as I may to beleive that your product is coming and as hopeful as I am, if it really does arrive I would be in total shock.

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  27. THIS IS what I meant to type above, therefore my comment was removed:

    AND contact your State's attorney general’s office

  28. Timeless Finery Complaint - Timeless Finery? Timeless waiting!, Custom made clothes & scarves

    Timeless Finery Complaint
    Timeless Finery? Timeless waiting! - Custom made clothes & scarves
    Posted By: LadyGodiva on 11/21/2009

    Location: KY Print Email Link/Share

    I placed my order in March 2008. I have sent dozens of emails.
    I have been put off countless times - one excuse after the other...always promising the item is coming. I waited too long to file the ebay complaint. Lesson larned there.
    I have requested a refund. Emails, requests all to no avail.
    I don't recommend these people at all.

    Timeless Finery / Enchanted Mirror Complaint
    Neither delivery, nor refund received - Nightbird dress
    Helpful Votes
    Posted By: varinia on 11/4/2009

    Location: KY Print Email Link/Share

    Placed and paid for the order on 2-20-09. Website specified 3-4 weeks for delivery. After a month I was advised that delivery would be up to 12 weeks. We went back and forth (half the time their email wasn't working) for months.

    Bottomline: It's Nov. 4th, 2009 and I still haven't received the dress (which I no longer care for) nor the desired refund. I've also since learned that the BBB has an F rating for them, for unresponsiveness to customer complaints.

  29. update it is now 12-21-09 and still nothing!! am I suprised?? NO! yet she printed a shipping label. It seems others are recieving what they ordered just not me. imagine that

  30. ~An update for blogger friends~Miss Van Hook received her package today :) I hope she enjoys it, after her patience and kindness.
    Blessings to all, and Merry Christmas!


  31. Dear Michaela Graham,

    As promised, your FULL refund has just been sent (12/27/09) to your PayPal eMail you provided us. The full amount you paid of $149.94 for one Nightbird dress, has been sent to you, for invoice #486, and this transaction is now closed.
    Your PayPal unique transaction ID# is:
    And we are so sorry for this delay, but our store has received the funds from the vendor, and as promised before the end of this month, your FULL REFUND is now in your Account.
    Our store has taken a great turn, and we appreciate your kindness & patience thru the past hard times.
    God Bless, all.
    and Happy New Year!

    Barbara & the Enchanted Mirror staff

  32. Michaela - Did you in fact receive your refund for the Nightbird dress?
    I would just like to say that I am a customer of Barbara's and the Enchanted Mirror. I ordered some things for which the shipment was delayed. However, Barbara refunded my PayPal account immediately, and she has also rectified the situation for me as a customer to the point that I would in fact order from her again. She has some very special Stevie inspired items, and all in all, she has been a very nice person to deal with.
    I cannot comment specifically on the problems that are written about on this blog, but it does seem to me (as an outsider) that some of the blog posts indicate a personal animosity toward Barbara, which is unfortunate, since she is trying to run a business, and she does seem to have the BEST variety of Stevie-inspired items available. The other websites selling Stevie-inspired items do not come close, in my opinion. It is not that difficult to see.
    Rocco Padula in New York

  33. Hello here, I would just like to say, I also have bought from Barbara & the Enchanted store, and everything is absolutely gorgeous, and she always sends special surprises with each order, and a personal note. I was surprised to find out about this blog, and I know Barbara had some problems with people stealing from her in KY, and she is now going big with the store in Georgia.
    I think if you knew her at all, you would not be so catty and mean (Jealous?)...she is one little girl doing all she can for us Stevie fans, and I, for one, hope she NEVER closes this great store!

  34. WHY WOULD the others make the comments up they did if there was not something written by her to egg them on or to make them reply to her posts? I mean they were pretty specific in what they can't just randomly make stuff up that is that specific. How in the world the other peoples comments can be taken as catty or mean or jealous is a joke ~ WHERE IN THE WORLD DID THEY come up with the original post to reply in the manner in which they did? I have to say that in reading this blog, it is apparent that there is some onus on the end of Enchanted to clarify why she removed the comments she wrote. I don't think that everyone is seeing the big picture all.

    On a side note, NICE that ANONYMOUS (times 2 no less) writes a positive review in this blog. If you are so proud of her store, then fly it loud and proud. Me on the other hand, no way no how, no order placed....

    I am truly happy I decided AGAINST placing an order with her, because I am a huge Stevie Nicks Fan but it does not seem that it's worth the trouble or frustration. I would rather go without than to be subjected to this treatment.

    Just writin' it the way I see it folks.

  35. Hello, Anonymous.
    My name is Teresa Milford, I live in Michigan.
    I don't have a "blog" account, so could not sign in as such.
    What is YOUR real name and info?
    It seems you are one of the same ones who try to hide themselves, and Barbara has told me about such people, and I see now, how jealous and really sad this situation is.
    From what I see, this CVanHook received her package, and Michaela, the owner of this blog, received her refund.
    OcieMysticOwl is, from what I have heard, a karaoke Stevie Nicks wanna be.
    Bella Donna Michelle Weitz is a horrible untalented "band" person, with a band because her Husband has one, & she and Ocie her buddy, TRY to discredit Barbara any chance they get.
    So, anonymous. Who are you, dear?
    "Big Picture". Jealousy, & petty attempts at
    discrediting a person who is very talented and at the top of her game.
    I consider myself a friend to Barbara, and will encourage ALL Of her fans and friends to post here, should this continue.

    Really, we are not in kindergarten. I understand the two being upset over the delays in their orders or refunds, that is totally upright and to be expected, but really, the others seem like sour grape Stevie tribute wanna bes to me.
    If you don't have talent, don't blame those that DO!

  36. I just heard about this from Barbara,
    and I have to say, other than the two women who were awaiting packages or refunds (which I believe have been now received) this is beyond absurd!

    I cannot believe the lengths you people will go to, under anonymous pretend names. Barbara is a great gal, and she is a pioneer for this kind of store, and we are happy to help her out anytime.

    Sharon Capello

  37. Hello. I am not sure if a couple comments up was referring to me as "anonymous" - my name is Rocco Padula, from New York, and I ordered from Barbara and want to express myself regarding the POSITIVE experience I have had ordering from her thus far. The reason that my previous post started as "ANONYMOUS said . . . " is because I do not have the requisite account to post a blog under my name. However, that is why I SIGNED my name at the end - Rocco Padula in New York. Thanks.
    PS: I'm still interested in hearing from the blog creator, Michaela - did you receive your refund?

  38. Minions...and mislead at that. I don't have to disclose any of my information because that is my prerogative and I never bought anything from this woman. Therefore, it matters not who I am, but P can assure you this is the second time ONLY that I have written in this blog.

    If in fact you heard the others you reference, which I searched out today and heard, I don't see anything wannabe about them. Most professional recordings I have heard.

    Teresa, you claim you live in Michigan but your profile link goes to a website in CT, so who ARE you...really>

    Why is no one questioning the comments removed by Enchanted??

    THAT is the question...what DID SHE WRIGHT and then decide to remove them? Because they were lies and hateful comments no doubt, based on the replies written.

    It does not take a rocket scientist to see that.

  39. Well Im am so happy that there have been some successful results-alas I am still waiting after nearly 3 years for my order.
    I ordered a Custom Made Stevie Nicks Porcelain Doll and the 1st Issue of the Stevie Fanzine-total of 250 usd-I am from Australia

    I have experienced everything mentioned in the above posts as to Barbaras work ethics and was once too a happy customer until this happened
    I have been able to transfer my Kentucky Complaints against her to the Georgia Authorites so at least that has been something-getting a result I'm sure will be something else though
    I have asked for a refund and even offered to pay for the shipping but to no avail.

    I am a member of a Forum that Barbara is also a member of and the amount of private messages I have received concerning her ripping them off has been staggering

    The latest update from the Enchanted Mirror is receiving a email saying that my items will be shipped between 1/1/10-31/1/10 but after so many emails and lies I just dont know if I can trust it and waiting for nearly 3 yrs has been both disheartening and stressful knowing that there is a person out there who can still sleep at night even though they have and are still doing terrible things to their customers-it really is shameful and if you believe in Hell then Barbara is definently going there.

    Once again I am happy that some customers have finally had a good outcome and hopefully in the next 31 days I will be able to come back and say that my doll is beautiful and the Fanzine-even though much outdated-was a pleasure to read

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year


  40. Well Im am so happy that there have been some successful results-alas I am still waiting after nearly 3 years for my order.
    I ordered a Custom Made Stevie Nicks Porcelain Doll and the 1st Issue of the Stevie Fanzine-total of 250 usd-I am from Australia

    I have experienced everything mentioned in the above posts as to Barbaras work ethics and was once too a happy customer until this happened
    I have been able to transfer my Kentucky Complaints against her to the Georgia Authorites so at least that has been something-getting a result I'm sure will be something else though
    I have asked for a refund and even offered to pay for the shipping but to no avail.

    I am a member of a Forum that Barbara is also a member of and the amount of private messages I have received concerning her ripping them off has been staggering

    The latest update from the Enchanted Mirror is receiving a email saying that my items will be shipped between 1/1/10-31/1/10 but after so many emails and lies I just dont know if I can trust it and waiting for nearly 3 yrs has been both disheartening and stressful knowing that there is a person out there who can still sleep at night even though they have and are still doing terrible things to their customers-it really is shameful and if you believe in Hell then Barbara is definently going there.

    Once again I am happy that some customers have finally had a good outcome and hopefully in the next 31 days I will be able to come back and say that my doll is beautiful and the Fanzine-even though much outdated-was a pleasure to read

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year

  41. sorry about 2 posts-had to work out the profile

  42. "I am a member of a Forum that Barbara is also a member of and the amount of private messages I have received concerning her ripping them off has been staggering"

    I am sure we would love to read those here as well..perhaps you can pursuade those people to come forward as well...that way the accusations of a "few jealous people" will be alleviated as well as the Personal Animosity statement by none other than the anonymous Barbara herself.

    I have those too as I am also a member of that same forum.....they will be coming online very soon for you all to read.

    Of course, the names will be removed to protect the innocent.

    Oh, and it's REALLY EASY to set up a profile for those that are very proud of Barbara Timeless Finery Enchanted Mirror Store and her scheister ways.

  43. Dear "Anonymous",

    I always post as myself, as I have no reason to hide behind fake names or "anonymous" titles.
    As for the "message board people" and such, I will say here, as I said there, if anyone has a LEGITIMATE ORDER with me, they have NOT RECEIVED, feel free to email me at:
    with your name, and three digit invoice #. I know there are people who dislike me because I do tribute shows, or run the custom store, etc. and ANYONE can jump on a bandwagon when they see a few people complaining to that person they don't like, and say oooh, I will say I never got MY order, too, when in reality, they have NEVER ordered anything from me. (Bella Donna Michelle Weitz, Ocie Mystic Owl Melanson, etc).
    The only legit customers I see here are:
    Chris Van Hook (order received).
    Michaela Graham (full refund received).
    Debra Thorogoood (package will be shipped out by 01/31/10 as stated in her original post.)
    Rocco Padula (happy customer).
    Teresa Milford (happy customer).
    Sharon Capello (happy customer).
    + a bunch of "heresay" jump in "anonymous" posts.
    If you ARE a LEGITIMATE purchaser of MY items, and have NOT gotten YOUR order, I can be contacted at the above email ANYTIME.
    I don't plan to post here again, until Miss AvalonMagick/Debra Thorogood's package is shipped.
    I am sure now that the karaoke and tribute buddies are here, there will be tons of posts from them, "as" various unhappy "customers"...
    But..remember. ANYONE can say "oh I never got my order from her"...just because of a personal dislike.
    When they show me an invoice # and name, I will take care of that order ASAP.
    Watch and see~just contact me :)

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    xoxo Barbara

  44. 3 Pathetic at best.
    There are better results with online ordering through Kmart...LOL.

  45. Well, I AM IN TOTAL SHOCK as I stated I would be if the package was delivered....there is actually forward momentum for Michaela and Miss Van Hook - congratulations Ladies! YOU DID IT!

    Karaoke Singer, sound familiar..yeah Barb wrote that,and writes me that in her hateful emails....hey wait.... and so did ANONYMOUS....Wanna Be....Hmmm. Using the same words, hmmm..

    An IMAGE screen shot from my YOUTUBE messages MAY BE COMING SOON that Barb wrote to me, I would certainly not want anyone to misconstrue the venom in it as ME writing to myself...goodness!! Your account is TimelessBarbara right?? An image of a black cat with blue around it through the trees is what it appears be as your avatar, right?? I tried to paste it in here, but the image would not work...Oh Dear...we'll see who the MEAN ONE IS THEN. Guess it would have to go on my blog...

    No I never have made a purchase from Enchanted Mirror, nor will I ...ever.

    Good luck Debra...I hope you what you get has been worth the wait.

    Well anyway - Happy New Year to ALL and to ALL A Good Night!

  46. Thank you for your support-it is much appreciated

    I dont know anything about Barbaras tribute shows or Stevie Nicks impersonations so I cant
    comment on any of those grievances

    Barbara sent me a wind bagged email regarding my recent post and giving me a background on the other bloggers here and their motives.

    I wish to clarify my comment about her going to Hell as Barbara thinks that is a bit harsh-but a good Christian would be aware of the

    "though shalt not steal"
    "though shalt not lie"

    Need I say more?

    Kind Regards,



  48. Debra, I totally agree. God will not shine kindly upon her at judgment day.

    More venomous spew, above.

    I guess I hit a nerve. She changed her avatar picture to a Stevie Picture...proving more guilt.

  49. Ocie - that was not "venomous spew" - it was a review of your singing, which I find horrendous and torturous, and because so, a GREAT method of torturing our enemies!!
    Sincerely, Dick Cheney

  50. What has anyones singing have to do with this blog?

    I believe the title is Timeless Finery Fraud which is a avenue for customers of this shoppe to air their grievances regarding purchases-the personal attacks on bloggers here is ridiculous. Just let the customers get on with trying to find resolutions for their situations and find somewhere else to attack!

    Kind Regards,


  51. Dear Debra,
    I think it is fair game to comment on Ocie's lack of singing ability since she admittedly has never ordered anything from the vendor at issue, which indicates an ulterior motive to her posting here. I, on the other hand, HAVE ordered from the vendor, and had a GREAT experience doing so, and yet I am labeled a "liar" for stating that.
    If people are going to post on here about a vendor they never ordered from, then I think it is fair to "review" what they "sell," i.e. their singing.
    Kind Regards,
    Dick Cheney

  52. I sell Stevie Nicks Custom Made Finery jackass, oh, excuse me, you referenced yourself as a dick....and did I mention NOT ONE COMPLAINT do I have in ANY state or Europe??

    My motive is HELPING people get what they rightfully deserve which is either product or their money back.

    IS this thread called anything other than ENCHANTED MIRROR - FRAUD - TIMELESS FINERY ??

    Debra, thank you for addressing the obvious, that this thread is about customers and people wanting to help them.


  53. Then seriously Dick, you should have just posted that your shopping experience was "great" and left it at that, without adding YOUR ulterior motive to it. The customers here whose experiences have not been so "great" dont care or wish to read about personal attacks on other bloggers-it is not relevant to this blog and I suggest you start your own blog regarding your "great" experience with the shoppe

    We are here for support and possibly help in resolving our not so great experiences

    If you have nothing to offer other than ridiculous comments not pertaining to this blog. I suggest you start a New Year Resolution to be helpful to other people rather than portraying a immature and ingnorant

    Happy New Year!



    Once again I wish to thank those bloggers who have offered support- it has been harder to follow my situation through to a conclusion, living Down Under-it is much appreciated

  54. Ocie - I know you claim to sell capes from a web site that has not been updated since 2007, and the operative word is "claim," since I see no evidence of customers except for that one woman in the Bella Donna band, who looks like a close friend of yours. Cumulative evidence, cumulative evidence!!! LOL

    What was your point in mentioning your website here? Were you trying to tell me that I should also review your capes in addition to reviewing your singing/music??

    Come on, Ocie, sing Vogue for us! Come on Vogue, Let your body move to the music!!!

    THIS HERE IS A PUBLIC BLOG - that means ANYONE can post, so I will keep exercising my right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!
    ALSO, it does not matter what the TITLE of the blog is, since it is PUBLIC.

    Bottom line is: PUBLIC BLOG, so anyone can post.
    Secondarily, I have more of a right to post here than Ocie the Fowl, since I ACTUALLY buy things from Barbara! But, bottom line is, public blog - Owl can post. But Dick Cheney can too!!!
    Very Truly Yours,
    Lets Vogue Ocie! Dick

  55. PS: You sing with ZERO feeling, in my most humble opinion, dearest fowl.

  56. I thought Barbara was "Turning over a new leaf" and not going to post anything negative about anyone anymore....
    That is a typical narcissistic thing to do...can't stop the drama.
    Her buzz words and typing/writing style give her away every time.
    Enough.SHe would be wise to get on with her life and do something with the talent she keeps trying to convince everyone she has. Actions speak way louder than words. Its a New Year, why not try to start it with some dignity?

  57. Michelle Tyler,
    That was not Barbara posting, but I find it truly amusing that you would think so.
    Dick Cheney

  58. Ocie - Just saw all the web images of the page you created to slander Barbara's singing and her band! Do all the women on here know how you call her "fat"??? Why don't you go back to the enchanted forest and sing for some frogs who would actually enjoy your horrid voice!
    To make fun of someone for their appearance is really low, OWL.
    Whimsical Rainbow

  59. From Ocie's YOUTUBE email:

    Written by:

    Why don't you upload any videos of your pathetic Karaoke crap?
    You are SUCH a joke.
    Don't even TRY to compete with me.
    You and your Smelly Donna friend are
    among the most pathetic things on this Planet.
    Oh yeah, and Your Tella Tubby Hubby Russ Melanson, too.
    Yeah, restraining order against you both, freaks!

    FUCK all of you!

    Wanna bes.

    YOU will never win, you dumb bi polar ass.
    Take a fucking LOOK in the MIRROR!
    You are an old pathetic cow like your pal Smelly, only she isn't a FAT cow like you.
    She is a skinny old bag, with her scooper paws onstage, you should HEAR what people are saying about you both..
    You would quickly sign off of this "tribute" shit.

    Good Riddance to TRASH like YOU.

    I copied this over from my YOUTUBE email. Check out my blog tomorrow if you don't believe me for the actual image.

    New Leaf my ass.
    More of the same.

  60. Ocie - Big whoop. That doesn't change the fact that she has a better voice than you.
    Whimsical Rainbow
    PS: Why don't you post some of that website that you yourself created to trash Barbara, so that people on here can see what you are really like?

  61. Pleae keep posting all of these attacks as being a public blog they are all being forwarded to the BBB-Georgia and the Attourneys Office in Georgia as evidence to the Timeless Finery Fraud-at their request

    It is really a wonderful help to my current complaints against Timeless Finery as they have advised me that at this stage with the other complaints they are handling, Timeless Finery and its owner may be charged under the U.S. Consumer Rights Act for fraudulent business practice.

    This blog was used as evidence to support the complaints against Timeless Finery-encouraging other customers to come forward with their experiences-you have all being valuable contributors and it has been much appreciated

    Kind Regards,


  62. THANK YOU Debra!
    I hope SOMEONE can check the IP addresses of these postings, and see I ONLY post under MY Name.
    And only ONE customer of mine YOU posting here, has not yet received a refund or their purchase.
    I heard about all the craziness here, of certain people thinking everyone posting is ME. LOL.
    I post AS ME.
    I am not afraid to state my thoughts, I never need to disguise myself.
    SO..thru out this whole blog there are THREE customers who were complaining. One receive a full refund (Michaela Graham), one received her order (Chris Van Hook).
    And Debra AvalonMagick will receive her order, which as stated, will ship before 01/31/10.
    The rest are either happy customers, or people who personally do not like me for years, and always disguise themselves as "whoever".
    Funny, no REAL customers have contacted me with an invoice # and name asking about their order, from this blog?

    Happy New Year's ~


  63. Perhaps the BBB and other government agencies have a way to check IP addresses? I sure do hope so.
    I will bless that day, when all of the TRUTH comes out about the ones feigning "innocence" in their postings...
    I really don't want to have to come back here to post again...sigh.

    May you all be BLESSED in this New Year.


  64. The Georgia Authorities have the direct link to this blog and have asked for the updates which the legitiment bloggers have been providing. They are also monitoring it for further legal action.

    As I said earlier:

    " Once again I am happy that some customers have finally had a good outcome and hopefully in the next 31 days I will be able to come back and say that my doll is beautiful and the Fanzine-even though much outdated-was a pleasure to read"

    Kind Regards,


  65. Great, Debra, THANK YOU!
    Please email me the contact information for the authorities that you contacted, so I may contact them, as well, to totally comply with my computer IP, email, phone and any info they may need! This is GREAT.

    New Year is awesome already :)


  66. I have forwarded the above request to the Georgia and U.S. Authorities who are handling the Timeless Finery files.I have been advised that compliance will be handled by them.

    Kind Regards,


  67. Thank YOU so much, Debra!
    I am very happy to hear that.
    I hope to hear from them very soon in the New Year, so I can provide all the saved info I have on orders, and false "identities" from some on here.
    I have all of my customer's on record, with invoice numbers, and full names, and I am sure they know "anyone can claim to be a customer" to try and discredit someone they have personal problems with, and some of these posters have carried grudges against me for YEARS, and it has NOTHING to do with the "Enchanted Mirror" or "Timeless Finery" and I have saved all of their aggressive threats, and website creations, and emails under various "aliases" if there is any question from any official sources.
    In fact, the email where Michaela Graham threatens to come to my Family's home should rate pretty good with evidence against such people, as well as Ocie Melanson's various rants over the years, and even stealing domain names, and creating obsessive websites.
    Also various emails she has sent to others and phone conversations recorded.

    In any case, NONE of that has to do with this blog.
    I am making EVERY effort to fix ANY wrongs or delays that have been caused for whatever reasons.

    I hope that ANY legitimate customers will EMAIL ME with their name and invoice number, so I can get ALL and ANY back orders done!
    We are getting orders done daily, new and older ones.
    I have not heard one word from ANY legitimate customers from this blog, other than the already mentioned Michaela, Chris and Debra.
    Just because Ocie Melanson and Michelle Tyler Weitz have a grudge against me because I sing and do tribute shows, has NOTHING to do with this blog or my store.

    Again...Happy New Year...
    My new treadmill has arrived, so I am off now to CELEBRATE the new year...I hope you all have much JOY!


  68. I have no problem with Barbara telling everyone that she is sings tribute shows and she sings...The issue I have had with her is her slander and libel against me, one who really DOES perform and sing.

  69. As Barbara stated above, she has taken care of two of the LEGITIMATE customers who had complaints and posted on this blog about them. The third person, Debra, who is evidently in Australia? is also being taken care of.

    The two others - Michelle Tyler, of the band Bella Donna, whose singing is second rate to Barbara's, in my opinion, as a visitor to her band's website and as a viewer of her many videos on youtube. Michelle Tyler does not sing with the same feeling as Barbara, and I, as a HUGE Stevie Nicks fan, would NEVER ever pay to see a Bella Donna show with Michelle Tyler singing. That is all MY own opinion, as a viewer and as a true fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac.

    And Ocie Mystic Owl - I have viewed her videos on youtube, and listened to all of her audio postings on her website, and in MY own opinion, as a listener to her music, I would never, ever go to watch her perform Stevie Nicks songs or tribute songs of other artists, because simply, her music and singing ability is LESS than Michelle Tyler's. This is all MY opinion, as a listener to the songs she has posted on her own website.

    There is no "US Consumer Rights Act." Debra, do you have an official legal citation to the act you are referring to?

    Do you have an address to the BBB that represents Georgia??

    This is a PUBLIC blog, and YES absolutely people have the right to post complaints regarding a vendor on here. HOWEVER, if the vendor has taken care of all of the complaints on here, then the BLOG should be brought down. Do you know why? Because the continuation of this blog can lead to legal liability if it crosses the line into SLANDERING the enchanted mirror shoppe.

    Rocco, a VERY happy customer of the enchanted mirror

  70. This blog has already led to legal liability for slander and libel.
    I'm quite sure if you are researching these blogs that you can find all of the BBB's in the U.S.-including Kentucky and Georgia where complaints have been lodged but for my amusement please see below:

    BBB of Central Georgia
    277 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Ste. 102
    Macon GA 31201-3495

    BBB of Metro Atlanta, Athens & NE Georgia
    503 Oak Place, #590
    Atlanta GA 30349

    BBB of Southeast Tennessee & Northwest Georgia
    1010 Market Street, Ste. 200
    Chattanooga TN 37402-2614

    BBB of the Southeast Atlantic
    6555 Abercorn Street, Ste. 120
    Savannah GA 31405-5817

    BBB of W. Georgia-E. Alabama & S.W. Georgia
    500 12th Street
    Columbus GA 31901

    BBB of Central & Eastern Kentucky
    1460 Newtown Pike
    Lexington KY 40511

    BBB of Cincinnati
    7 West 7th Street, Ste. 1600
    Cincinnati OH 45202

    BBB of Louisville, Southern Indiana & Western Kentucky
    844 S. 4th Street
    Louisville KY 40203-2186
    BBB of Middle Tennessee - Tenn-Tucky Branch Office
    214 Main St.
    Clarksville TN 37040

    BBB of the Tri-State Region
    5401 Vogel Road, Suite 410
    Evansville IN 47715

    BBB serving northern Colorado and Greater Wyoming
    8020 S. County Road 5, #100
    Fort Collins CO 80528


    State Governor:

    Governor Perdue
    ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30334-4600

    Attourney Generals:

    40 Capitol Square, SW, Atlanta, GA 30334-1300
    700 Capitol Avenue, Capitol Building, Suite 118, Frankfort, KY 40601
    2030 M Street NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20036

    Federal Trade Commision
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    FBI & IC3

    2635 Century Parkway N.E.,
    Suite 400
    Atlanta, GA 30345

    Governement Departments

    Federal Trade Commission
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20554

    As you can see I have been very busy getting a result for my purchases
    I guess the next step is the President

    Now no more talk of who can sing better and who looks better-Timeless Finery has honourably
    taken responsibility and fixed 2 of the complaints

    Just waiting for my purchases/refund and all will be well

    Kind Regards,


  71. The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) new Mail or Telephone Order Act covers goods you order by mail, telephone, computer, and fax machine.
    If you pay by credit card, you also get protection under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

    By law, a company should ship your order within the time stated. If no time is promised, the company should ship your order
    within 30 days after receiving your payment

    If the company is unable to ship within the promised time, the company must give you an "option notice." This notice gives you the
    choice of agreeing to the delay or canceling your order and receiving a prompt refund.

    Division of Enforcement,
    Federal Trade Commission,
    DC 20580

    Seeing as I have been waiting for nearly 3yrs for my purchases the Federal Trade Commission-aka "US Consumer Rights Act"- has been most helpful in providing the avenues in which to pursue an outcome


  72. Thanks, Debra!
    Since this is a grand new year, I don't plan to visit here again (too much irrelevant to this cause, petty "I'm a real tribute", "No, I AM", crap), I will post once when your lovely doll and fanzine ship, as well as send you photos of her & shipping info, via eMail. Before 01.31.10, as promised. Finally, I know.
    There is too much drama here that has nothing to do with true orders, so I say, Peace, Out. If anyone has anything they wish to say to me:
    We reply TO ALL EMAILS.
    If a new person/bloggie joins up, a real customer, with a problem with my store, please contact me with your invoice # and name so I can get it taken care of ASAP, I have records of all real orders.
    ALL legitimate complaints will be handled right away!
    It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new YEAR...and it's all Good.

    May you all be BLESSED this new Year.


  73. Thank you for that-I am really looking forward to finally receiving my items-I know it has been a horrendous journey but please do give me the opportunity to shut all the bloggers up who have nothing better to do than attack each other by shipping my purchases-me receiving them- and allowing me to post that I am finally a happy customer



  74. Received correspondence from the Georgia Authorities stating that Timeless Finery will ship my purchases by 31/1/2010

    The Kentucky Authorites received instuctions that I would receive my purchases by 31/7/09- and I'm still waiting- so I wont be holding my breath in anticipation, but I really would like to finally see this come to fruition

    Please keep all of your fingers crossed for me

    Kind Regards,


  75. Name: Jo and Jim Van Fleet
    Comments: Barb You owe me a wig Tusk, belladonna white wrap around & coverlette. skirt, and something else. like chiffon sash. I pre paid you, money order and check. that was cashed by your Co, and still have not recived my products.. I did recieve Black floppy hat..
    Now it has been more than 4 yrs.. You claimed you needed to learn how to sew as your orders were really stacking up. can you please send these things now to
    JoWynn Sabin Van Fleet
    Po, box 515
    Auburndale, Fla, 33823
    Good for your Karma to send my items
    Have a happy new year
    Item(s) purchased?: 5
    What would you like to see added to the store?: to give me a serious break on my order sent
    Do we need to change anything in the shopping experience here?: send articles pls
    What do you like most about our store?: Love Stevie stuff
    Wednesday, December 30th 2009 - 07:25:47 PM


    Read the entire thread, 6 0r 7 pages.

  77. Dear Jo and Jim,

    There are similar threads on Seven Wonders which were actually closed because Barbara was promoting her business on there and that is not permitted. I received over 20 PM's from other Members when I brought my purchase problems to the site,either telling me what sort of person she was or having the same problems with her and purchasing from the business as well-I was actually alerted to this blog by one of the members

    One in particluar from Barbara herself:

    "I have had ENOUGH of your posts and threats.
    Good Riddance to you, and I will Block you from PMing me and Emailing me.
    You are really sick and need help, get the FUCK over it.I cannot wait to get your shit to you and get fuck rid of such a nasty
    hatred filled BITCH.

    Buh Bye".

    I was absolutley horrified at this message she sent me and reported it to the Moderators on the site

    I am also going to give your link to the Geogia Authorites as they have asked for any information that supports claims against her and the business

    It is very interesting reading-thank you for posting it

    Also I would be more than happy to pass on my contacts in Georgia dealing with my matter if you wish to pursue legal action against Timeless Finery

    Please feel free to email me

    Kind Regards,


  78. I came upon this blog, and I am just horrified with what you people are posting. I ordered from this store about two years ago, and found Barbara to be nothing but helpful and qualified to make my items. It is obvious that some of you here have "personal" vendettas against her, and I find that "very sad". From what I have read, there is only two people here who have ACTUALLY ordered from her, and are awaiting their product, and she seems to have posted they are on their way, as well.
    I am here to say I recieved my order in a timely manner, and Barbara always answered my emails and questions very nicely, and she also sent me some little gifts with my purchase.
    Small home business, as it should be.
    And those "haters" need to get lives of their own. If you haven't ordered from her, shut your pie hole. haha.

  79. "Horrified" Personal Vendettas" All shit we have heard from "others"

    Get over it Barb. You suck.

  80. It is true - personal vendettas throughout this blog. Blatantly obvious, especially from a few of the posters/bloggers.
    Rocco in NY

    The above links is another website for complaints against Timeless Finery for fraud

    Looks like the whole world is soon going to know about this fraudulent business

    Good luck to those who are waiting for their puchases- I hope it all works out for you

  82. check out her facebook page-quite a few people asking her where their purchases are.......

  83. Wonder how her customers on are fairing????????

  84. Hi: I thought I was the only one that was getting dicked around! I also had ordered a fanzine and some picture postcards. My order was "only" around 50 bucks but it still pisses me off to get burned. I have had nothing but excuses ranging from illness to having no car etc yet she can still travel and perform. It even got to the point where I told her if she couldn't send what I had ordered to just send anything.

  85. I have been waiting for months for a crystal ball and stand that was promised for X-MAS.I got an email the day AFTER x-mas to tell me it wouldn't be shit. I've been in contact with the store and I've been told some very interesting things about the state of affairs there. It is bizzare, and paypal won't give me a refund b/c of the date. I think timeless barbara is an egocentric brat who scams people out of their money. I don't take kindly to my $$ being help hostage, and that is what she does. I wish I had read this blog before I wasted my time buying and dealing with her.

  86. Id love to be a fly on the wall when everything catches up to her, and it will.... it always does. If the law dont get ya and karma misses ya, theres always God and the Universe to deal with eventually!...

  87. I know at least two more people she ripped off. I hope you get your items or your money back

    I also wonder what Liz Rosenberg or Stevie Nicks Warner Bros mananger, Sheryl Lewis would have to say about Barbara selling stevie nicks products and ripping her customers off-that would be very interesting

  88. You MUST be a member to access this board. These are aome links that were sent to me from Seven Wonders:

    And look for the thread marked stevie impersonators under chit chat or music - page 12 or so read on to where she bashes yet another Tribute performer like she does to Michelle here.

  89. Karma is all I can say from this entire blog. It's happening, finally. Getting a bit of what she deserves.


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    1/8 tsp crushed red pepper
    1 red bell pepper, seeded and cut into julienne strips
    2 cups mushrooms, sliced
    1/4 tsp Italian seasoning
    1-1/4 cups chicken stock
    4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
    2 tsp lemon juice
    1 tbsp olive oil
    1 clove garlic, crushed
    Cooking Directions:
    Place chicken between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound lightly with a mallet or other heavy flat object to flatten to .25 in. thickness. Dredge chicken in breadcrumbs. Heat oil in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium heat. Sauté chicken about 3 minutes per side until browned. Transfer chicken to a platter, set aside and keep warm. Add mushrooms, bell pepper, and 2 Tbsp chicken stock to skillet. Sauté 3 minutes. Add 1 cup chicken stock, next 3 ingredients and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover pan and simmer about 10 minutes. Combine remaining chicken stock with cornstarch in a bowl or a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Mix vigorously and stir into vegetable mixture. Increase heat to medium high and bring to a boil. Simmer 1 minute, stirring constantly, until mixture thickens. Serve chicken with sauce.

  97. that sounds yummy! I'm gonna try it

  98. Latest And Greatest Scam......

    This one has been seen all over the classifieds lately and its not even legal!

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    Its a complete scam!!

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    Once again ladies and gents......stay away from this!! The last thing you need is to wind up in jail!

  99. OK. Now she is stooping to posting spam to try and undermine this blog....Michaela,if you can,delete the stuff she is posting to deflect the conversations. It is obviously getting too hot for her in here!

  100. Georgia Small Claims Court

    Statues: Georgia Code Annotated Title 15, Ch. 10, Sections 1, 2, 40-53.
    Dollar Limit: $15,000.
    Where To Sue: Where defendant resides.
    Service: Constable or court-approved disinterested adult.
    Hearing Date: Set by court.
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    Special Provisions: Equitable relief available. No jury trial. Court may order installment payments. Defendant must answer complaint (in writing or orally) within 30 days to avoid default.

    Read more:

    State & Local Consumer Agencies

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    Toll free in GA (outside Atlanta area):
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  101. Thx for posting Twitter link
    Consumer Affairs has also published a report on her customer complaints but due to their privacy polices I am unable to provide link here-sorry about that-but at least it has been brought to their attention and the hundreds of consumers that are registered with them-it will certainly deter people from buying from her in the future

  102. By the way you can do a public search on anyone you wish as it is just that-a public search and no laws are broken

    Sounds like a bit of paranoia around this subject...........

  103. Just checked out the above ledge links and I cant believe how many dissatisfied customers are on there-this business must infect everywhere she goes!

  104. Interesting how her Timless Finery On Line Store now is asking for customers who have not received their orders after 12 weeks to contact them-what about thoses customers who have waited years-

    Interesting also now how it promises prompt shipping for all orders for 2010

    It is plainly obvious that those that have been waiting ridiculous amounts of time for their orders were never going to receive them in the first place and it has taken this blog and other avenues that customers have made complaints on, to finally get some results

    Sounds like a huge guilty conscious and the law finally catching up with it all

    Best of luck to all still waiting-may 2010-as promised by the Store-be the time to finally receive your orders

  105. I wonder how her "show" went Thursday night that she had posted on her blog. Or was that a night she was posting as someone else? Or was she posting recipes? Or calling her other cell phone to speak with Rocco? Or was she paying intelius to get background reports on the people she references here? Or was she on the treadmill? Or was she doing PX90? What exactly WAS SHE DONG because she should have been sewing and moving her ass to get her orders done!

    I have more links coming good people. More links, isn't THAT PATHETIC??

  106. To Anonymous above,
    Actually, the operator of this blog, Michaela Graham, threatened to perform a background check on me, a happy customer of Barbara's shop, as indicated in her posts from January 2010.

  107. So what if a background check is done on you
    It has nothing to do with whether you are a happy customer or not

    She could do a background check on anyone here
    for whatever reason

    What are YOU worried about-something to hide?

  108. Funny how she can afford a new treadmill but apperently doesnt have the money to finish off or ship long overdue orders-its all over her face book page and posted on here

    Seriously if I was her I wouldnt be bragging about what she is spending her money on as that will not look to well on existing complaints against her and the business

  109. Has anyone contacted the IRS about this business?

  110. Barbara Nicks (Stevies Mom) has re-opened her Silver Springs Emporium Store-I wonder what she would say to all these complaints with purchasing from this Barbara

    There is an invested interest in anyone selling Stevie Nicks items to be aware of other businesses illegal practices

    I think a phone call is called for here.......

    By the way visit the store it has some great stuff on it and I'm pretty sure her Customer Service would be a lot better-lol

  111. Wow! Surprise, Surprise,

    All promises of back orders and prompt deliveries have now been removed from the Enchanted Mirror online store home page

    Barbara obviously cant stay away from this blog-lol

    Its just another example of this business atrocious work ethics and customer service

  112. Wow! Surprise, Surprise,

    All promises of back orders and prompt delvieries have now been removed from the Enchanted Mirror online store home page

    Barbara obviously cant stay away from this blog-lol

    Its just another example of this business atrocious work ethics and customer service


    Oh, look what I just found, gee I wonder WHO did that?? Look down in the links section.

    Contacting for removal.

  114. Had a look at the above http-that is just disgusting and hateful and another projection of someone with who can stoop that low

  115. I have not bought anything from her becasue I heard about her years ago on the Ledge.But here is something you may find interesting regarding MAIL FRAUD which is A FELONY OFFENSE
    ----Are you a victim of online fraud, or think you are a potential victim due to a single person or a company? Well, you have come to the right place to see what you can do to get your item/money back from the "thieves". No matter how much or how small the item is, file for mail fraud. Its not the value of the product but the principle and these thieves should NOT get away with stealing from people!
    1. I think I have been ripped off. What should I do?
    Go to any of the mail fraud sites listed below to file a complaint. .
    2. When should I file for mail fraud?
    If you have sent out numerous e-mails regarding your payment being received and/or item being sent and never received the item/e-mail within a 15-20 days from the date you shipped the item/payment, send out ONE LAST e-mail informing them that you will take action if they do not respond to your e-mails. If after 2-3 days of no response, start to file for mail fraud.
    3. The other party responds to my e-mails, but keeps giving me excuses and/or the run around. What should I do?
    It's more than likely they just trying to buy more time. If they reply to your e-mails but keeps telling you that it will be shipped soon, over and over, notify them that you will be filing for mail fraud. File for mail fraud as soon as possible. If you keep on letting them buy more time, they'll just keep giving you that same answer over and over until either the PayPal 30-day complaint is over, or if you forget about it and give up trying to get the item.
    4. What do I need when I file a complaint?
    If you have most, if not all of the following..
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    Phone number (if available)
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    Proof of shipment of item
    Proof of payment (Credit Card Bills, Check Statements, PayPal, etc.)
    5. Does there have to be a certain value before I can file for mail fraud?
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    The following sites are places to file for mail fraud. I suggest filing as many as you can. This will not only help you, but will make the process quicker and notify the authorities of what the person is doing.
    U.S. Postal Inspection Service -
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  117. New York State Law Reporting Bureau
    One Commerce Plaza, Suite 1750, Albany NY 12210
    phone: (518) 474-8211
    fax: (518) 463-6869

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    SOMEONE from this organization is visiting my blog...Who Could That Be?


    Why would the staff want to rip the business off?
    Obviously no business insurance to recoop monies and items?
    Why are new items being made when there are exiting orders to be delivered?
    Why the need to register with the Georgia Authorities?
    What happens when these Authorities start receiving complaints?
    The need to put a 90 day timeline for deliveries and assurances that it will be done
    confirms there are problems with ordering and receiving items
    Seeing as this business has been operating for a while-why the sudden interest in providing decent customer service and it all happening in 2010?
    The owner obviously hasnt had a clue in operating a business.

    My advice is to start bragging when all of the complaints, past orders etc have been addressed and fixed up, as at this stage no one can take this business seriously


    SAME IP as Ms Enchanted, that is visiting my blog. PATHETIC to write your won reviews as stated before. Also there are 4 reviews there, scroll down.


    Order December 07 Arrival July 2008 - HUH?

  121. Checked out above http
    Yet another place for people to share their thumbs down experiences-thanks for posting link
    as it really does confirm what a horrible and worthless person she and her business is all about

  122. Ive just checked out your links Ocie and I must say I am very impressed with your web page, blog and information

    So let me get this right-the Enchanted Mirror is the only place in the whole wide world to get Stevie Nicks designed clothing-I think not-and it is so impressive that you have endorsements from Stevie Nicks Tribute Artists for you items
    Looks like the Enchanted Mirror is going to have to make something else up to compete with that
    Also the stalking on your blog,is disgusting and you do have proof of that-seems like someone is very threatened by you and your interests and that email is also disturbing from Barbara-what a waste of space as a human being she is

  123. had a look at above http-its easier to google it and it will take you straight to the page

    Its starting to get a bit ridiculous with complaints against this business all over the internet-surely it is plain to see that this business is nothing more that a parasite feeding on unsuspecting customers

    Thanks for posting link

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Oh boy, I would say the above post now confirms just what type of person Barbara really is-true colors now coming out

    There is nothing wrong with posting addresses on here-its not breaking the law-what are you going to do-oh um lets charge this person with posting an business address-it is exactly that a business address-not a private one-and yet you have made a threat against a persons private address-now that is breaking the law!

    Whos the obsessed whackjob now?-lol
    Whats the bet that post gets removed-lol

    Get back to work and fix your business up-that should be your NUMBER 1 Priority

  126. Well there you go-post has been removed-what more can you say?-lol

    Good thing all the posts are being collated and saved elsewhere


    Hard to discredit someone that has been working consistently for 9 years. Sounds like she has a following and apparently is well liked across the stages of the world.....

    "The one who really DOES PERFORM and Sing" as quoted from above.

  128. Thx for posting http

    Its wonderful how there are some true artists out there and who have the reputation to back it up!

    Pity not all the world can be made up of hard, HONEST, working people

    Something Barbara definently can not claim and hasnt got as clue about


    Carita Hill? Another Alias. Look at the writing style. this is barbara for sure, using one of her many personalities. how many live in her head?

  130. Looks like a Ponzi scheme. Use current payments to complete old orders. Eventually the music stops.

  131. What I want to know is how do they find all these complaints on the internet?

    Someone must spend all day searching for complaints against the business just so they can try and discreetly fix them up

    Great way to run a business and theres another excuse-"Too busy replying to all the complaints all over the internet to worry about your order"


    How FUNNY is this?
    "I just don't understand why she doesn't refund the money
    if she doesn't have time to for fill the orders, or just DO the orders,
    and send them, if 6 months later, is better than doing nothing???

    That is from the Page 8 of thread. HA HA HA HA HA

    Thank you, I never let people wonder where their order is,
    or where I am, for that matter, LOL.
    I feel customer service is as important as the item itself.
    If someone orders, and I cannot deliver it in the time frame
    that I thought, I offer them a choice, to wait a bit longer
    or receive a full immediate refund (which I have only had to do
    3 times in 8 years)...I would never ever
    take money and not deliver the item, even if it does take
    longer than I hoped, I let them know they are not forgotten,
    or pushed aside. The customer is the #1 priority in running
    your own business. If you alienate them, soon, you have no
    business, and no customers.
    I don't know what happened with Bear, and her business,
    but she still has the store up, still is taking orders, I assume,
    yet so many people (many of my newest customers) NEVER got
    their items, ordered 6 months ago, a year ago or even longer!

    I think she should close the store down until she gets
    all back orders completed and shipped.
    Then reopen if she must.
    Or she should state some kind of message on the storefront
    to the customers that ordered, that she IS working on getting
    their purchase done, not just leave them hanging and never
    answer their emails?
    Page 10!!

  133. She is quick to pass judgement on another business when she should be looking in her own backyard first!

    Funny how she has done exactly all of those actions to her own customers

    What a great model citizen she is-lol

  134. Right from the Horse's mouth!
    SHE SHOULD SHUT DOWN HER STORE. You heard it Here.

  135. From Enchanted Mirror website...

    "I always do my best to get your items created and shipped in as timely a manner as I can"

    Well we all know that is a joke-lol

    "We do NOT carry ANYTHING "on hand" or "in stock"..."

    "three to five of our finery items will go on
    sale each month"

    Well if you dont carry any stock, how can you offer items for sale-more lies-lol

  136. Wishful Thinking, perhaps?

  137. From Enchanted Mirror website...

    "We do NOT carry ANYTHING "on hand" or "in stock"..."

    A poor variation of the Japanese "just-in-time" system. Well, it works fine for Toyota but doesn't quite transfer to Stevie gear.

  138. Her business and her are just poor full stop

  139. Looks like the move to rural Georgia was just too disruptive to carry on the business

  140. Well her poor customer service started back in Kentucky-where the business originated from-so wherever she goes, it goes-a leopard does not change its spots and you cant teach an old dog new tricks

  141. Anonymous said...

    "a leopard does not change its spots and you cant teach an old dog new tricks"

    Babs and "old dog"?

  142. It's a real shame. People should expect to receive their orders in a reasonable time frame...certainly not years!! I think the IRS should investigate.

  143. I agree
    It is wrong that she is boasting about buying things but can take peoples money and not deliver orders-especially those that have waited years

    Even if they do receive the items, they should look at compensation for all the time and money wasted on trying to get their orders-not to mention the emotional stress dealing with the lies and promises.

  144. I agree with Gertrude. An IRS audit is in order here. Sad, sad, sad. What would Stevie (or her lawyers) say if she knew about this fraud? Cease and desist.

  145. I have to wonder about all the copy right infringments with selling Stevie Nicks items, re producing photos etc, that is a crime in itself.

    How would Stevies lawyers feel about that!

    I heard Barbara is on a watch list for Stevie obsessed fans-so someone out there has taken notice of her

    Also quite a few people on Facebook, MySpace, The Ledge, Seven Wonders etc cant get over how obsessed she really is

    What a shame she cant put all that energy into running a decent business

  146. The thing is Enchanted Mirror may not be a sustainable business anyway. Stevie Nicks is 61 years old and could retire at any time. Even if she doesn't, Stevie "inspired" dress will soon run its course. The younger people will/have moved on to the next fad.

    Beatle suits were once popular in the 60's. You don't see anybody wearing them today. Like most singers, Stevie Nicks will eventually fade away.

    You can't base a whole company's revenues on an aging singer/business model out of your control.

    And, in this economic environment, who needs or wants Stevie Nicks clothes. Just survivng and paying the rent must take preference.

    Finally, why on earth would you base your business in Hicksville, Georgia? Kentucky was bad this.

  147. It sounds like it has never been sustainable
    Just her getting peoples money, spending it on herself and not delivering orders

  148. Stacey said....

    I wonder if Debra in Australia (waiting 3yrs) has got her order yet-I noticed Danielle in Australia got hers in time for her 21st birthday-how nice for her!

  149. Since when is Atlanta, Georgia "hicksville"? LOL! Hardly. You people are so full of jealousy here, it is hilarious. Did you check out the shipping page for the Enchanted Mirror? Here's the link:
    Seems a lot of orders are getting shipped, and this is a booming biz.
    What a shame, huh?

  150. Loganville, GA (pop 5,435) is NOT Atlanta. It's NOT even Lawrenceville!

  151. 23 minutes from Atlanta, Baby! HOTLANTA.

  152. The shame is the orders that are not going out for people who have waited a long long time

    Funny how this "booming bus" has kicked itself in the ass all of a sudden

    There is no jealousy here-what on earth is there to be jealous about

    Lies, promises, poor customer service?

  153. "Maria" how do you know that these shipped orders are not going to "people who have waited a long long time," dear?
    Jealous? Ok, of success, talent, and happiness? Shame, shame.
    Success, and happiness does breed contempt from those who have none.
    Blessed Be.

  154. So a few orders were shipped. A real company doesn't need to brag about it since that's the normal way of doing business...without long delays.

    I wonder what percentage of the unfulfilled orders are over, say, four months? And what's the dollar value of those? In other words, what's the "float"?

  155. Merry Meet "Jessica"

    If theses orders are being shipped to "people who have waited a long long time" then there is your proof that this business gives terrible customer service
    Better late than never doesnt quite cut it
    If the orders being shipped are not to people who have been waiting a long long time, then people with outstanding orders must be wondering why they havent received their order as you would think it would be a priority for the business

    If this type of business practise is something you advocate then shame on you

    Your cynical attitude towards success and happiness reflects your blessing without merit

    Merry Part,


  156. With her reputation for lies etc the orders that have been shipped are probably made up ones anyway-as you said just to try and boast and give the appearance that it is a booming business-you are right a proper business would not have to go to the lengths this one does to assure customers they will receive their items or boast that they are shipping orders
    A sad, pathetic and sorry way to run a business-although it doesnt deserve the title of business rather ripoffness

  157. Let's get The Silver Springs Emporium in the loop. I WONDER what Barbara Nicks would have to say about this charlatan?

  158. Dear "Rusty" and "Maria" (or is that Michelle and Ocie?),
    Check the tracking dears.
    This business is Right On and Booming.
    Why does this BUGGLE you out so much?
    Seems if you HAD your own lives, would not be so. So sad, sweet charlitains.
    Try to diverse and survive, the jealousy is NOT becoming on YOU.

  159. Oh, "Anonymous?"
    Barbara Nicks KNOWS Barbara.
    And also despises Michelle Tyler of Bella Donna, as does Stevie herself, actually laughs at that being called a "tribute". Learn before you speak. We know it ALL.

  160. Barbara you really should spend more time making your halloween costumes than posting here. I seriously doubt Barbara Nicks "despises" michelle Tyler. It is you, I am sure she despises. Like all of your hallucinations. You are a joke and an an embarassment to Stevie Nicks.

  161. So she found a way to finally get in-lol
    I knew she would be going crazy reading this blog and not being able to comment

    Using the name, shame, shame, shame-at last she has finally owned the word that describes everything about her

    Please keep posting Barbara and trying to prove your worth-its hilarious

  162. Any updates on thoses that posted complaints here

    Who is still waiting for their items?

  163. So they are so happy and exited to be getting the orders out-as opposed to not getting their orders out?
    Seriously she digs herself a hole everytime she tries to show that she is competant and able

  164. Bella Donna StinksFebruary 7, 2010 at 1:37 PM

    " Anonymous said...
    Barbara you really should spend more time making your halloween costumes than posting here. I seriously doubt Barbara Nicks "despises" michelle Tyler. It is you, I am sure she despises. Like all of your hallucinations. You are a joke and an an embarassment to Stevie Nicks."
    Dream on, sweet dreamer! lololol. Madame Michelle Tyler Weitz is the JOKE. Have you HEARD that? LOL, that's right, dear, you have to post your "gigs" to make yourself feel all better. haha. JOKE.

  165. See she cant help herself-lol

    Still trying to divert the blogs true intention with more waffle and crap and it really does give the indication of a twisted, vengeful, attention seeking person.
    If Bella Donna stinks then why on earth does she sell Stevie Nicks inspired items-sounds like a hypocrite to me-lol

    I bet tons of orders are going out while she is in here-she can multi task you know-lying, cheating,name calling-lol

    Keep digging, you are almost halfway to China-lol

  166. Barbara you can say what you want to about others but the real truth is that you do nothing but rip people off and tell everyone how great you are. You keep saying you are done with bashing people and then you come on here with one of your 10,000 personalities and throw dirt clods. No one takes you or anything you say seriously. You are an awful singer and an even more awful seamtress. get over others who do what you cannot do. If I were you, I would just crawl away and stop posting here. But then again, I know you just cant do that, huh?

  167. Oh, "Anonymous?"
    Barbara Nicks KNOWS Barbara.
    And also despises Michelle Tyler of Bella Donna, as does Stevie herself, actually laughs at that being called a "tribute". Learn before you speak. We know it ALL."

    We would all love to see the proof that Ms. Nicks and her mom despise Michelle Tyler. Care to elaborate? Your words mean nothing because you are a known liar. Unless you can back this is, this is just example of your dillusional thinking.

  168. Are You REALLY this stupid?February 7, 2010 at 5:05 PM

    Dear Anonymous:

    "waffle"? Perhaps you need one, dear.
    Check the shipping page, loser, and get real.
    Who is Bella Donna selling Stevie Nicks inspired items? Looks like another fruit cake post.
    "Take your silver spoon, and dig your grave, bitch" LOLOL.

  169. "So she found a way to finally get in-lol
    I knew she would be going crazy reading this blog and not being able to comment" it is funny how you losers think everyone who posts is Barbara.
    Umm...obsessed much? LOLOLOL! If you only knew...

  170. Bella Donna Stevie Nicks Tribute SUCKSFebruary 7, 2010 at 5:19 PM

    What is a "dirt clod", Michelle Tyler Weitz? Just because you have no talent, and Barbara does, your green envy does NOT become you, dear! She can sing rings around you any day...talentless old lady, so sad, you are. And obsessed with Barbara, why dear? Aren't you happy in your own life with your little casino band and hubby? LOL!

  171. Barbara. I will break my own rule and respond to you one more time.
    I have been looking at these messages and you are way off base, as usual.

    Once again, For your benefit, I will tell you that I am not jealous or envious of you. WHY would I be? I have a successful band-and yes, a great husband, a family, many friends and the respect of other musicians. If anyone is green with Envy its You.

    Really, I don't want to fight with you. I never post public things about you so why do you think it's becoming to you to keep bashing me?
    Does it make you feel better about yourself? You really should stop and do something that would better advance your own career than attacking someone else.

    Thanks again, for delivering more and more people to my website with every nasty and derogatory comment you make! "Talentless old lady?" That is actually quite humorous. Doesnt hurt my feelings. But it sure makes you look silly.

  172. You are so right, she just cant help herself-nothing for weeks and now this ranting and raving

    In how many posts did she say she wouldnt be coming back because she was busy fixing everyones complaints and then BANG-she is back and then BANG back again

    Fancy having to ask people to come on here and defend her or make up names so she can post-lol

    She cant even stick to her own advice and not post in here-lol

    How about posting the updates on your complaints on here-has everyone received their items yet?

    That would be relevant

  173. Funny how the posts have the same style of writing especially using the word "dear"

    Thats a dead giveaway, you idiot

    As you are posting under different names then at least be smart enough to change your writing style

  174. Michelle and Bella Donna are one the best tribute bands in the entire country. To say otherwise is just lunacy. Does Barbara play casinos and large venues...NO. Does Barbara even have a band anymore...or just silly, amaturish karaoke?

  175. Barbara, do your self and everybody else a favor and check in to a psychiatric institution before you're hauled off as a lunatic. Your obsession with Bella Donna and other tribute bands is just sick.

  176. Thats why she is on several watch lists for obsessions over people

    Everybody on Seven Wonders and The Ledge all know that and her Face Book Buddies are finally working it out!

  177. Having to start her has own Blog to promote her business is one thing, offering giveaways is just pathetic

  178. Not everyone who posts here is Barbara. Not everyone who thinks Bella Donna is a joke, is also Barbara. It seems anytime anything is posted that is not attempts at bashing Barbara, you people all assume IS Barbara.
    I don't post my real name, because it is none of your business. NONE of you are customers of Barbara, other than those she addressed, yet you still obsess over her. Too Funny.

  179. "Fantasy abandoned by reason, produces impossible monsters."
    Francis Goya

  180. With all of the important things going on in the World, the economy, the war, the damage and pain in other countries, I find it unbelievable that you people have enough time, and or interest in such shallow topics, as who sings for what tribute band, in what casino bar? Do you really care that much, about tribute bands (which, if I am not mistaken, is a band trying to copy the sound and look as close as possible to someone or band that already IS a star? Where is the originality in that? Write your own music, sing and be yourself..try it out!)
    I hope Barbara gets all of her old and new orders completed, everyone loves their packages, Bella Donna plays all the casino bars she dreams of, and everyone else here has something great happen to them. Com'on, people, there are a LOT more important things in the world than celebrities, tribute bands and such. Be happy for who you are, instead of trying to find reasons to hate others, it all comes around, of course, sending out hateful Karma, brings it right back to you!
    So, send out something Good today.
    Who knows, you may just like it?

  181. There you go again Barbara. Trying to deflect the heat. You really need to get a friend to ghost write for you. Karma? I think you ha e no idea what that really means. KARMA is why things are the way they are for you. No matter how many self help books you read it wont change the way you deal with people. You create your world.
    Oh by the way,some of us have contacted Barbara Nicks who does not have a clue who you are but is very interested in finding out more about your scam business and how you are using Stevie's likeness to sell. That is totally illegal without her express permission. More Karma,dear?

  182. I would like to bring the focus of this blog back around to it’s original intent with a recount of my Enchanted Mirror experience.

    Part 1:
    My tale of disenchanted woe began in October of 2008. I found a really cool dress/top on the Enchanted Mirror web site that featured a crochet halter with burnout velvet and fringe finish. I didn’t pay much attention to the delivery timeline info on Barbara’s site seeing as, it was an “off the rack” item and I’ve never waited more than 2 weeks to get anything I’ve ordered online through a catalogue company. So when I contacted the store in late November (I could only E-mail as the mailbox was full on the store phone), I was instructed that:

    The item you ordered is imported, and our imported items take 6-8 weeks, as stated in our FAQ and about us pages.
    We ordered the Burnout Crochet Top in Small for you from our vendor on November 4th, we expect it to arrive in December, and will ship out to you just as soon as it does.
    Thank you again, so very much!
    Carita Hill
    And so I thought I might still receive my merchandise by Christmas. Every day, I waited patiently “for the mail to arrive” that my top would be in it. Alas, January rolled around and after visiting the store’s website every day (to see if I was on the list of items that had shipped); I found an urgent reason to again email the store:

    Dear Carita -

    I read on your web site that you suffered a catastrophic data loss when your server crashed. My heart goes out to you as I have crashed three hard drives on separate occasions; and so I know how devastating it is. I don't think my order got caught in your data loss, seeing as I didn't have need to provide any specific measurements to you. Still, I thought I'd go ahead and send this order confirmation to you as a backup.

    If you can give me a target date for shipment, I'd be most appreciative.

    Does anyone reading this blog remember the “catastrophic data loss”? Anyway, she responded:

    Thank you so much Claire,
    We expect your item to arrive in February from the vendor.
    Brightest blessings to you!
    Ok, so February it was. Maybe it would arrive in time for my birthday… You all know by now where this epic tale is leading, right?

    March came in like a Lamb but not my crochet top. With that, came my next email to the store on 3/17:

    Carita -

    I have been out of town for several weeks and discovered on my return that I still have not received the merchandise I ordered back in October of last year. I am concerned that it was delivered, but wound up in some one else's PO Box. Could you please look into this for me. The order info is in the text below.

    Thanks for your help,

    I suffered the same ill fate as Michaela. The store’s email box was full and my email bounced back. I sent it again the next day and the response was:

    I will look into this for you...

  183. Part2:

    I gave her a week to “look into it” for me, and then issued the following email to combat to her unresponsiveness:

    A week ago, I emailed you regarding the fact that I have still not received the item listed below. I ordered it on 10/29/08 and you received my payment on Nov. 3; according to your email. I am sure that if you put yourself in my shoes, you will understand that I am a bit upset. You have my money and I have nothing to show for it. As this is my first experience with you as a merchant, I am not coming away from it with the best impression. I am however, continuing to give you the opportunity to rectify the situation.

    Please let me know if you will still be able to deliver the item I have paid for.

    Been patient for months,

    She came through moments later with this excuse:

    Hi Claire,
    I am so so very sorry, we have a terrible delay with the vendor for that top, and I promise as soon as we receive it, I will ship right out to you. We took it out of our store for this reason, and if you would like to have something instead I will be happy to substitute for you, Rhiannon top and skirt, etc. At no additional charge if it is something we can create for you.
    Again, I am very sorry, Claire.
    I actually thought seriously about her offer but then I rationalized that if I’d wanted something else from Enchanted Mirror, then I would have ordered it in the first place. I ordered the crochet top because that’s what I wanted and they needed to come through with that order before I was going to patronize them further. Besides, it would mean giving up on the top altogether. Our next communications were as follows:

    Carita -

    I appreciate your offer very much! I did notice the the item came off your web site rather abruptly. Now I understand why. I really would like to have the top I ordered and am willing to go 4 more weeks to see if it comes in. If it doesn't, I will take you up on your offer.

    Thanks for letting me know what's happening from your end!

    Hi Claire,
    Thanks so very much!
    I will let you know as soon as I hear something!
    Minutes later:
    Good news!
    I just called the vendor again, and he has assured me this will be HERE within the next 14-21 days from the UK :) so we won't have to substitute, and you will get this lovely top, and I am so happy to let you know that, and will ship as SOON as it arrives!
    Thank you again, Claire!


    That's great news. I look forward to receiving it and doing more business with you in the future.

    Best wishes,

    Hi Claire, thank YOU so much, I actually put the top back in the store just now,
    As the vendor has promised a speedier turnaround now :)
    Thank you again, Carita

  184. Part 3:

    In response to the person that queried the Ponzi Scheme theory, indeed I began to presume the same idea reading through this and other blogs. One of the most perfect scenarios for Barbara is that her clients that have invested 100.00 or less, will just give up looking for their merchandise or pursuing a refund. Some people may think it’s not worth the time or trouble to keep putting the effort into it. After all, people blow a hundred bucks in a restaurant on a meal they can’t keep eating over and over again. She takes in orders and hopes that 10 out of a 100 will just drop off the radar, or so it might be theorized. I almost became one of those “drop offs” as months went by, while I had to attend to an elderly parent’s needs and a business struck hard by this nightmarish economy as well. I wasn’t able to turn my attention back to my order with Enchanted Mirror until November of last year; a YEAR after I paid for it. By this time, I was furious! I emailed the store 11/6:

    Dear Enchanted mirror customer service -

    A year ago in October, I ordered a top referred to as : 1 Rumours Burnout Crochet Top w/Fringe, and paid for it in advance through pay pal. After a total of 16 correspondences regarding its delivery, and having waited a year for its arrival, I am no longer interested in the purchase. Please make arrangements to refund my advance payment to my pay pal account.

    You will find the entire correspondence below.


    Two minutes later, I received an automatic response with an attachment which could not be opened because it was infected by a virus. That was followed by the “Full Mailbox” kick back. Again, I had other obligations to meet and couldn’t try contacting the shop again until December. By then, I looked up the owner and addressed her personally:

    Barbara -
    This is my final request for a refund of money for a top I ordered from you - but never received - in October 2008. If you do not return to my PayPal account the $97.94 I paid you in advance of receiving the product described below, I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and your State's Attorney General's Office.
    You have until 12/15/2009 to process my request.

    You’re going to love the response:

    Hello Ms. _________,
    We do not have your payment, as we have paid the vendor for your item and are
    awaiting the arrival of it.
    If you would like to have a refund, please file a "chargeback" with your credit card company, and they can recover the funds for you.
    Since we do not have them, we have paid for this top, we will ship it as soon as it arrives.
    We can contact the vendor to refund our payment, this will take 2-3 weeks,
    and then we can refund your payment to you.

    Thank you,
    Enchanted Mirror Store
    Huh??? Ok, I’ll take what’s behind door number 3. And can I have that with sautéed mushrooms?

    My response to her – in which I only addressed the comment about the “chargeback” - was hopefully a bit more coherent:

    Dear Antoinette -

    The payment I sent you through PayPal was drafted directly from my bank account. I have no recourse through a credit card company since none was involved. Likewise, PayPal is released from any intervention because this transaction occurred more than 45 days ago. Please familiarize yourself with the history of this situation by reading the correspondences as follows:
    (I inserted all the emails from above)

    Of course, we have all learned by now the hard lesson about what PayPal “can and can’t do for you” - the consumer.

    As you might have bet the whole bank, no one with Enchanted Mirror bothered to respond to me. I began to prepare my complaint to what was going to be the Kentucky AG’s office. I started to Google “Enchanted Mir…”, and what did I see in the suggestions box? “enchanted mirror fraud”. And so I was brought to this blog where – prior to its reading – I thought I was the only one…

  185. Part 4:

    It was January 11 and I responded to Barbara’s comment in this blog: if anyone has a LEGITIMATE ORDER with me, they have NOT RECEIVED, feel free to email me at:
    with your name, and three digit invoice #

    Claire wrote:
    I found on an internet blog site and likewise, on your store's home page, where you are requesting that all your clients with unfilled orders please email you with the following information:

    Three digit invoice no: ###
    Name ordered under: Claire _______

    I have attached a PDF of my original confirmation of payment from PayPal. Please refund 97.94 to my PayPal account as I am no longer interested in the product.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    I did get a prompt response:
    Thank You Ms. ________,

    I will be happy to issue you a refund, I will need to contact
    the International Vendor where we paid for this item, and receive our
    payment back from him, then we can issue the refund.
    We would also be more than happy to offer you
    if you did not wish to wait for the refund,
    a similar item from our custom made clothing and jewelry.
    Rhiannon top & skirt, crescent moon necklace, wild heart ring, etc.
    These could be shipped to you within 7 days.

    Please let me know if you still prefer the refund, and I will
    contact the vendor in the morning to begin the process.

    I am very sorry for the problem with this order.


    Claire wrote:
    Thanks for the offer but, I am only interested in a refund.


    Antoinette wrote:
    Ok I will contact the vendor in the morning, to
    begin the process.
    As soon as we recieve our payment back,
    will PayPal back to you, is your Paypal this same email?

    Thank You, Antoinette

    Hark, that very same day, she took the request for customers to send her that information off her web site’s home page – as was pointed out by one of the bloggers on this site.

    I gave Barbara the benefit of the doubt and elected not to contribute to this blog during all my golden opportunities to do so; in anticipation of her satisfying her promise of a prompt refund. But instead, I have been experiencing the same level of unfulfilled satisfaction visiting my PayPal account daily as I had going to the post office every day – for months. Nothing I’ve been promised has arrived. She has – for unknown reasons – linked her ability to refund my money to me, with the timeliness of her vender refunding HER money. What does her refund have to do with me?

    Two weeks after Antoinette promised me the refund, I requested it directly through PayPal so that at the very least, I can file a complaint through them before my time to do so expires. Now it’s been just short of 1 month and still: NOTHING.

    And so, Barbara’s failure to deliver is what brings me to this site; to share with you all, the story of how I became another dissatisfied customer of the Enchanted Mirror Store. Thanks to all y’all’s input, I have been guided to the proper AG’s office - in Georgia - to file a complaint. The Enchanted Mirror Store will find that I have a complaint I opened with the Atlanta area BBB on 02/02 Complaint # 27127665. Likewise, I’ll be making good on my promise to Barbara by paying a visit to the FTC.

    Indeed, we never did hear about whether Debra ever got her fan-zine and doll; as promised.

  186. "Rebecca D"

    Well you found the time to post in here and comment on the shallow topics while this world is sinking so please learn from you own preaching

    Why would you even bother posting if it is of no interest to you other than jumping on the bandwagon

  187. "NONE of you are customers of Barbara"

    Now how would you know who were customers and who were not, unless you were Barbara-lol

  188. Yes please Barbara-update us on whether Debra did get her Fanzine and Doll as it seems to be the only one outstanding-not including White Wing Doves complaint- or is she still waiting and getting more lies and promises?

  189. Just wait until Silver Springs Emporium gets involved. They got the heads up and will probably file a complaint against using the likeness and seeming endorsement of Stevie Nicks. That is illegal.

  190. Using "Stevie Nicks Style" is NOT illegal, and was cleared with Stevie's lawyers in Los Angeles, for the store. No likeness of Stevie herself is used in the clothing, or jewelry, so no, it is not "illegal".
    Sorry to burst yet another of your goofy theories.

  191. Hello Roberta - How would you know this unless you are Barbara. Or Rocco...I know of 3 people that have contacted Barbara Nicks. 2 more tomorrow. We'll see.

  192. Anonymous,

    I actually know this because I asked Barbara if it was legal to use Stevie's name, as I have sold some things on eBay and they don't let you do that, the Stevie Nicks "style" thing. She said she had spoken with a lady in LA who was Stevie's lawyer (I won't divulge her name), and another associate of Stevie's, and as long as she does not use her "likeness" on things, like photos, etc. or say it was "worn by Stevie" or such, "Stevie Nicks style" they had no problem with. There are also disclaimers saying such on the site. NO association with Stevie Nicks.

  193. I bet thoses lawyers would also like to know that she is ripping off customers with her items while endorsing Stevie Nicks

    Also if it is not illegal to use stevie nicks style items then why they need to CLEAR it with Stevies Lawyers in the first place?

    As stated everytime she trys to post of her worth she digs a deeper hole-lol

  194. Whats the bet she purchased one of Silver Springs Emporioum Stevie Nicks Dolls and is shipping it to Australia

    That would be certainly be short changing the customer, AGAIN

  195. This is from an attorney's website:

    Therefore, you will most likely to violate the Publicity Rights if you use name and portraits of a celebrity and their customer-drawing power, which is a product of the celebrity and his/her production's hard work and accomplishment, without any permission.

    In such a case, you are required to seek permissions from every Publicity Rights holders of the celebrity.
    When we discover such a site that violates the Publicity Rights of celebrities, whose agencies/productions belong to our organization, by posting names and/or portraits of the celebrities, we request
    immediate removal of such contents.

    Liz Rosenberg should be contacted about this matter.

  196. So what about the pics on her website and blog-they are reproduced without permission

  197. Barbara does use Stevie's likeness on a number of items. Go take a look. I dont know if she is doing this anymore or not, but she was photoshopping Stevie in some of her clothes items. Stevie's face dubbed in. I will bet that is illegal.

  198. She uses Stevie Nicks references all over her website and blog
    Looks like a copyright case pending also

  199. Her whole website is about making money off Stevie Nicks reputation or customer drawing power-every item is inspired by Stevie Nicks, so therefore she has definently breached laws

    I guarantee she doesnt send Stevie any of the money she earns from using her

    Now a royalties case pending as well