Friday, January 21, 2011


Here is an article about a man in Georgia, who got his life destroyed by someone posting all kinds of libel about him. He won his case.

Just thought this might be of interest for some people on this blog, since similar things seem to have been done by the object of this whole blog - BRM

Friday, August 6, 2010


So, I forgot all about this blog (well, kinda), until people started posting again.

So, here are some questions off the top of my head:

- Why is Michael Black'' using the exact same wording as Barbara in some of the comments I've seen him make on the web?

- According to Barbara's good friend Anne Windham Barbara was marrying Michael Black in June - how come she's still living alone with her mother in Loganville?

- How come her name is still Barbara McLuin, since McLuin was a previously married name and not her maiden name? Wouldn't it be pretty disrespectful to the new husband to keep the last husband's last name?

- How come Anne Windham moved West a while ago, but just last month she was assistant to Michael Black, helping him with the transition?

- How come neither Barbara McLuin, nor Michael Black have their business registered with the Georgia Secretary of State?

- How come on the Enchanted Mirror website Michael Black (falsely?) states that he's the owner of the store since 07/09/10, on another site he claims that he's the owner since 07/01/10 and an email by 'Antoinette' (one of Barbara's aliases) claims that the sale is postponed until August 31st?

- How come an email to Claire (Whitewingdove) within 5 minutes of me approving Claire's post, when she's hardly ever online (yet, she's still signed up to receive posts and comments from this website?

I'm sure there are many more questions that will come up......


Response to Barbara's/Anonymous' comment below : Barbara, there are only 4 followers of the total blog, includg myself, and you're one and I know the other 2 , so don't even pretend that that's not you writing.

And of course B. Henderson is not your mother and you've never known W. Rose. Of course, of course.....And I guess your 'friend' Anne (also current assistant to 'Michael Black')(and she's of course also recently married (double wedding with you?) and is now 'helping' Michael Black long distance, since she moved out west) lied when she advised in a post that you were going to marry Michael Black in June. Of course, we all believed 'her' (eye roll).

As to my life - I have been working smart and honest (as opposed to being a cheat and a liar) and karma has been good to me. I work maybe 10-15 hours per week and have plenty of time to play. So, I have extra time to bring down cheaters. Have even worked together with the FBI on some things. I do get some joy out of it, what can I say ;-).

Custody? Divorce? ROFLMAO - where do you come up with that stuff? ;-)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

different personalities

Since I have to approve the comments before they show, I notice that they all come in clusters. What's curious is that there are usually 3 or 4 clustered together, written just within minutes of each other, and which sometimes refer to one of the other messages, even though they haven't been approved, yet - so nobody else can see them.

Such is the case on the blog titled 'Enchanted mirror and the BBB'. There was a post by Stephanie who claimed that she had received her products, but she was embarrassed about the recent 'cow' comment. The cow comment was actually a post that came in just a few minutes before Stephanie's and which I didn't approve and which Stephanie couldn't have seen. Then right after that 'anonymous' wrote in, congratulating Stephanie on her having received her products (anonymous couldn't have seen Stephanie's post yet) and also showed concern about the 'cow' comment. So, obviously all three comments were written by the same person, as only the same person would have known about each post.

So, we have the same person writing positive reviews for Barbara's shop and also writing nasty comments about Barbara, to gather sympathy and make it look as if someone else does it.

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

edit: it seems that some people still can't comprehend: There was another 'cow' comment posted 2 minutes before 'Stefanie' posted, it would have shown right above her post, if I had approved it - but I didn't. And 'anonymous' post to Stefanie was posted 2 minutes after 'Stefanie's, except she couldn't have seen Stefanie's post, because I hadn't approved it yet, it was still in my email waiting for my approval.

And 'anonymous' post refers to 'cow post(s)' plural , so she clearly knew about the 2nd cow post and she knew of Stefanie's post, even though neither one of them was showing on the site at the time that she was writing it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Enchanted Mirror on BBB

Ok, so I've been quiet for a while, since I've gotten my refund (which doesn't make the fraud go away. She advertised the shipping time as 3-4 weeks for the item, which she knew she couldn't deliver. )

Anyway, now I'm finding out through someone writing a comment, that she has started a new Better Business Bureau Profile with some different information, in order to circumvent the negative profile her company already has with the BBB. And she's using that fake profile as a link from her site, to make potential customers think that there haven't been any complaints.

Obviously another type of fraud, that she's using to try to lure unsuspecting people into her web of deceit. I'm sure there are a number of us that have now notified the BBB of this and we'll keep our eyes on this.


update - the fraudulent BBB site has been taken down by the BBB. She was also informed that it's illegal to use the BBB logo, unless you're an accredited member of the BBB. And that link has been taken down from her site as well.

Friday, January 8, 2010


you better read "Kearney v. Salomon Smith Barney" . I have already taken appropriate action. Breaking the law is obviously in your blood.

As to your comments about me threatening to you that I would come to your house - Hm, are you saying that I did not have my communication with Antoinette, but with you? Gee, what a surprise. And since Antoinette wrote me that the address that I had was actually the seamstress' home and invited me to go by there any day - are you saying that 'Antoinette' lied to me?

How fun!

All those weird posts you've recently seen, they've been done by Barbara or her Bud Rocco, as they started about 20 minutes after Barbara called me on my business phone, after having been on my website. And since she and her friend Rocco both know my business, being an heir tracer, they are the only ones that could have written those comments.

The funny thing is - it shows once again that neither Barbara or Rocco are able to really pay attention, as my website explains that I don't work with State funds and that I in fact only collect money after the payment has been received (which is what their posts recommends). So, obviously, her posts actually recommend me. So, thank you Barbara and Rocco (who I think are the same person)!!!

I have now changed this blog to have me approve all comments, to avoid this b.s. that they're trying to create.

and gee, right after I wrote the above blog the comments stopped, so someone must be keeping on top of this ;-)

All those comments show how seriously disturbed this person is. If they had spent all morning sewing instead of trying to come up with bogus b.s. to be vindictive, then maybe someone else's order could have been finished.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

And some more......

now Barbara is sending her buddies after me, having them email me directly - yeah, her buddy Rocco, who in one post claims to only have known her for a week, then claims that he and various members of his family have done business with him and who is now fighting Barbara's fight.

I think I will have to do more than just keep up the blog, but reopen my complaints about her and stating this.

And Rocco, if you actually read what I wrote, then you'd see that I'm not doing background searches, but only checked on which of these posters' names are actually real and existing in the states that they claim to be. I have no interest in you or your background. I don't use my databases that frivolously.

All I wrote is that there are a ton of Rocco whatevers in NY and that most of them are over 80. That does not constitute a background search! Geez, learn to read. Yes, I've updated my blog, but only because I can't comment here for some reason, so the only way to comment to the same blog is to rewrite things in my blog. I have no interest in doing a background search on you. It's not worth it to me. I use my important databases for my real business. This was just playing around on some inferior search engine.

Yes, I keep adding to this blog, because you keep saying that I have been threatening a background search on you. Heck, I don't even know which one of the
Rocco Paducas you are and I don't give a damn. So, stop acting like Barbara, who is also always twisting other people's words to make them look bad.

Hellooooo, while I have the capabilities to find out a whole lot of things about people, I very clearly wrote that I have no interest in finding stuff on you. I really don't care who you are, other than you defending a scammer here, and I won't spend any resources on such frivolous stuff. So, leave me alone.

But it is certainly curious why you are so paranoid about anyone knowing anying about you, if you openly give 'your' name here and defend a scammer.