Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enchanted mirror - update

Just found that the complaint I made today with my3cents (as recommended by paypal) is already showing up in google on the first page

Here is their Better Business Bureau site

They are rated 'F', which is the worst possible rating they could have received


  1. Hello Michaela,

    I am so glad i found this-a member of Seven Wonders-where Barbara is also a member and treated like royalty- alerted me to your blog-I also have many messages from other members in where Barbara has cheated them too
    I ordered a Stevie Nicks Custome Made Porcelain Doll and the 1st Fanzine edition and have been waiting for 2.5 years
    Unfortunatley I paid the 250-USD up front and have neither received the items or a refund
    I lodged a complaint through the Kentucky General Attourneys Office which has had no luck even though they received a letter of Barbara stating that my items would be delivered by the end of August this year
    I have since researched where she has moved to and advised them but wehat they can do I just dont know
    I am happy to join you in exposing this lying, cheating unethical person
    I even emailed the New York Times journalist regarding her and her unlawful business practices and told them they were endorsing a business owner under investigation
    I have over 100 emails promising delivery and it has cetainly stopped me from purchasing anything internationally-I am in Victoria, Australia, which has made it very hard to get any result
    Please feel free to contact me via email: for further discussion

  2. Cha-ching! - it just went up to $2300.