Thursday, April 29, 2010

different personalities

Since I have to approve the comments before they show, I notice that they all come in clusters. What's curious is that there are usually 3 or 4 clustered together, written just within minutes of each other, and which sometimes refer to one of the other messages, even though they haven't been approved, yet - so nobody else can see them.

Such is the case on the blog titled 'Enchanted mirror and the BBB'. There was a post by Stephanie who claimed that she had received her products, but she was embarrassed about the recent 'cow' comment. The cow comment was actually a post that came in just a few minutes before Stephanie's and which I didn't approve and which Stephanie couldn't have seen. Then right after that 'anonymous' wrote in, congratulating Stephanie on her having received her products (anonymous couldn't have seen Stephanie's post yet) and also showed concern about the 'cow' comment. So, obviously all three comments were written by the same person, as only the same person would have known about each post.

So, we have the same person writing positive reviews for Barbara's shop and also writing nasty comments about Barbara, to gather sympathy and make it look as if someone else does it.

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

edit: it seems that some people still can't comprehend: There was another 'cow' comment posted 2 minutes before 'Stefanie' posted, it would have shown right above her post, if I had approved it - but I didn't. And 'anonymous' post to Stefanie was posted 2 minutes after 'Stefanie's, except she couldn't have seen Stefanie's post, because I hadn't approved it yet, it was still in my email waiting for my approval.

And 'anonymous' post refers to 'cow post(s)' plural , so she clearly knew about the 2nd cow post and she knew of Stefanie's post, even though neither one of them was showing on the site at the time that she was writing it.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Enchanted Mirror on BBB

Ok, so I've been quiet for a while, since I've gotten my refund (which doesn't make the fraud go away. She advertised the shipping time as 3-4 weeks for the item, which she knew she couldn't deliver. )

Anyway, now I'm finding out through someone writing a comment, that she has started a new Better Business Bureau Profile with some different information, in order to circumvent the negative profile her company already has with the BBB. And she's using that fake profile as a link from her site, to make potential customers think that there haven't been any complaints.

Obviously another type of fraud, that she's using to try to lure unsuspecting people into her web of deceit. I'm sure there are a number of us that have now notified the BBB of this and we'll keep our eyes on this.


update - the fraudulent BBB site has been taken down by the BBB. She was also informed that it's illegal to use the BBB logo, unless you're an accredited member of the BBB. And that link has been taken down from her site as well.