Friday, January 8, 2010


you better read "Kearney v. Salomon Smith Barney" . I have already taken appropriate action. Breaking the law is obviously in your blood.

As to your comments about me threatening to you that I would come to your house - Hm, are you saying that I did not have my communication with Antoinette, but with you? Gee, what a surprise. And since Antoinette wrote me that the address that I had was actually the seamstress' home and invited me to go by there any day - are you saying that 'Antoinette' lied to me?

How fun!

All those weird posts you've recently seen, they've been done by Barbara or her Bud Rocco, as they started about 20 minutes after Barbara called me on my business phone, after having been on my website. And since she and her friend Rocco both know my business, being an heir tracer, they are the only ones that could have written those comments.

The funny thing is - it shows once again that neither Barbara or Rocco are able to really pay attention, as my website explains that I don't work with State funds and that I in fact only collect money after the payment has been received (which is what their posts recommends). So, obviously, her posts actually recommend me. So, thank you Barbara and Rocco (who I think are the same person)!!!

I have now changed this blog to have me approve all comments, to avoid this b.s. that they're trying to create.

and gee, right after I wrote the above blog the comments stopped, so someone must be keeping on top of this ;-)

All those comments show how seriously disturbed this person is. If they had spent all morning sewing instead of trying to come up with bogus b.s. to be vindictive, then maybe someone else's order could have been finished.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

And some more......

now Barbara is sending her buddies after me, having them email me directly - yeah, her buddy Rocco, who in one post claims to only have known her for a week, then claims that he and various members of his family have done business with him and who is now fighting Barbara's fight.

I think I will have to do more than just keep up the blog, but reopen my complaints about her and stating this.

And Rocco, if you actually read what I wrote, then you'd see that I'm not doing background searches, but only checked on which of these posters' names are actually real and existing in the states that they claim to be. I have no interest in you or your background. I don't use my databases that frivolously.

All I wrote is that there are a ton of Rocco whatevers in NY and that most of them are over 80. That does not constitute a background search! Geez, learn to read. Yes, I've updated my blog, but only because I can't comment here for some reason, so the only way to comment to the same blog is to rewrite things in my blog. I have no interest in doing a background search on you. It's not worth it to me. I use my important databases for my real business. This was just playing around on some inferior search engine.

Yes, I keep adding to this blog, because you keep saying that I have been threatening a background search on you. Heck, I don't even know which one of the
Rocco Paducas you are and I don't give a damn. So, stop acting like Barbara, who is also always twisting other people's words to make them look bad.

Hellooooo, while I have the capabilities to find out a whole lot of things about people, I very clearly wrote that I have no interest in finding stuff on you. I really don't care who you are, other than you defending a scammer here, and I won't spend any resources on such frivolous stuff. So, leave me alone.

But it is certainly curious why you are so paranoid about anyone knowing anying about you, if you openly give 'your' name here and defend a scammer.

Barbara's aliases

Since she keeps making posts under varias aliases, here are some that she had used in the past:

Carita Hill - There are only 2 people in the U.S. with that name: One in Ohio and one in NY.

Antoinette Mabrey - there's only one in Maryland.

As per Michelle, I just checked and there is NO Teresa Milford in all of Connecticut, nor is there one in MIchigan.

There are many Rocco P. in NY, but most of them are above 80 and I doubt they'd be buying Stevie Nicks Clothing. Oh, wait a minute, Rocco already wrote that he knew B. only for a week and in other posts 'he' claimed to have done business with her for a while. So, obviously this is Barbara, as others have pointed out.

And Rocco or whoever you are - Why don't you get with your buddy Barbara, who knows what I do, as she has already threatened to create negative reviews of my business. I'm just waiting for something to show up and she will have a major lawsuit on her hand. And if anything negative shows up, then you will probably be a part of this, as you are now threatening me and have in previous posts (calling what i wrote 'slander' and claiming legal consequences). What I'm accessing is perfectly legal as I have not researched your background. In fact, I have other databases where I could really find out more stuff on you, but I have no interest in doing this. You're not worth the cost to me.

Everything I have written about in this blog has been the truth, so how can that be vindictive? I'm not the one writing about Barbara's singing or making other complaints. I stayed true to the situation of her defrauding me and others. Certain , knowingly false, delivery times are posted on her websites. So, sending products or giving refunds after years does not make the fraud go away.

I have integrity, compared to your buddy Barbara, who you are defending here, even after reading about our problems with her and her defrauding her customers. You're trying to fight her fight and that puts your integrity in line with her.

You can't possibly be a real person and not understanding that Barbara has genuinly been defrauding customers. Just because some of her customers had good experiences does not negate the negative ones!!!!