Thursday, January 7, 2010

Barbara's aliases

Since she keeps making posts under varias aliases, here are some that she had used in the past:

Carita Hill - There are only 2 people in the U.S. with that name: One in Ohio and one in NY.

Antoinette Mabrey - there's only one in Maryland.

As per Michelle, I just checked and there is NO Teresa Milford in all of Connecticut, nor is there one in MIchigan.

There are many Rocco P. in NY, but most of them are above 80 and I doubt they'd be buying Stevie Nicks Clothing. Oh, wait a minute, Rocco already wrote that he knew B. only for a week and in other posts 'he' claimed to have done business with her for a while. So, obviously this is Barbara, as others have pointed out.

And Rocco or whoever you are - Why don't you get with your buddy Barbara, who knows what I do, as she has already threatened to create negative reviews of my business. I'm just waiting for something to show up and she will have a major lawsuit on her hand. And if anything negative shows up, then you will probably be a part of this, as you are now threatening me and have in previous posts (calling what i wrote 'slander' and claiming legal consequences). What I'm accessing is perfectly legal as I have not researched your background. In fact, I have other databases where I could really find out more stuff on you, but I have no interest in doing this. You're not worth the cost to me.

Everything I have written about in this blog has been the truth, so how can that be vindictive? I'm not the one writing about Barbara's singing or making other complaints. I stayed true to the situation of her defrauding me and others. Certain , knowingly false, delivery times are posted on her websites. So, sending products or giving refunds after years does not make the fraud go away.

I have integrity, compared to your buddy Barbara, who you are defending here, even after reading about our problems with her and her defrauding her customers. You're trying to fight her fight and that puts your integrity in line with her.

You can't possibly be a real person and not understanding that Barbara has genuinly been defrauding customers. Just because some of her customers had good experiences does not negate the negative ones!!!!


  1. Michaela - How do you know how many people with those names there are in the U.S.? I'm just curious.
    Rocco in New York

  2. For one, There is NO ONE named Teresa Milford. Click on that users name link on here and you will be directed to Mama Teresa's pasta shop in MILFORD CT. Call it and you will get no one there by that name.
    I have many alaisas that she has used when posting to our website.

  3. Michaela - Are you aware that in accessing the databases you claim to have access to, you are probably violating confidentiality laws?
    Rocco in NY
    I would give you my phone number so that you could call me and realize that I am not Barbara, but a happy customer of hers, but I am afraid of what you would do with my phone number after reading all of your posts here and seeing how vindictive you are.
    I purchased items from Barbara for my mom, and my two nieces.
    My sister, Lisa Petrocelli, purchased a dress from her in October and also had a GREAT purchasing experience.
    As for Michelle Tyler - Why are you posting on here, if you have never been a customer of Barbara's????
    I viewed your videos on youtube, along with my two nieces, ages 10 and 12, who are also big Stevie Nicks' fans, and we laughed at your performances because you sound nothing like Stevie and your various stage movements are wooden and lack a genuine understanding of Stevie's musical vibe. That is our opinion.

  4. Michaela - Would you kindly provide me with the databases which you accessed in order to research my background information? Are you provided access to those databases through your employment? There are multiple confidentiality laws that prohibit accessing of such databases except for the limited purposes of credit checks or government purposes. If you have attempted to access my personal information via an illegal search utilizing "databases," I would like to know exactly what databases you have used.
    Respond to me at
    Thank you, and please get back to me as soon as possible, or I will contact you by some other means, other than via this blog.
    Rocco Padula in New York, NOT "Paduca"

  5. So now you have revised your post. Prior to this, your post insinuated that you HAD in fact performed background checks on me, but you have CHANGED the wording of your post.
    Rocco Padula, NY

  6. Government official message

    The states have implemented active outreach programs designed to reunite unclaimed property owners with their lost or forgotten assets. To enhance the states' outreach efforts,, a national database, was established in November 1999 and is the only database endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). enables owners to perform comprehensive searches for lost assets required by law to be turned over to the states.

    The Province of Alberta has now joined in reuniting owners with their property.

  7. So why she also Robert Hill?
    Cause that would be another alias used from Kentucky and what about her websites which all of these people working for her-is that just a phantom staff?

    With all of her posting here, I wonder how many orders are getting done and shipped out, especially the ones she has said she would fix that have been mentioned in this blog spot


    LILY IVORYWING READ the very last message by MAC STEVIE

    Some more links about aliases and other things, to show the pattern...

  9. Aha! Is this Ocie who posted all the links? Bravo! You have been tracking Barbara for years it looks like!! Good detective work, Ocie Owl!

  10. ALL I WANTED TO DO IN THIS BLOG was help people get their money back, or help in somew form or fashion, seems that it helped a bit, therefore you have not seen many posts from me. It was made PERFECTLY CLEAR I made NO purchases from the scam artist in question by Barb, Rocco (Barb) and myself.

    But I would like to say that Barbara has been visiting my blogs as I have captured her IP address for proof, and she had a picture of me on her FLIKR account from 2008 that I reported and had removed. Who's stalking who since those dates were as recent as January 9 and January 10 THIS YEAR? I have to get the other pictures uploaded back from December. The things one has to do to protect themselves from people like her.

    So to the ANONYMOUS Above, NOPE not me. Other than the bit of PUBLIC research I did TO HELP PEOPLE HERE I have no desire to waste my time researching information OUTSIDE of my website and blogs. Especially from stupid google groups from 1999, I read those groups posts this morning and quite frankly there is a bunch of crap in them and only a few comments against Barb. Darn right I will and have every right to see who is visiting MY pages as they are MINE. Anything else out there I could give a crap about.

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  12. Ocie - This is Rocco! I am NOT Barb, why do you continuously think that I am?? All *I* wanted to do on this blog was to report my experience with Barb and her shop, which was a POSITIVE experience, and the very first time I posted, I was labeled a "liar" and you people think that I am a "ghost" alias of Barbara's - would you like my phone number so that you can call me and see that I am an actual person, and an actual happy customer of her shop?? Would that put your mind at ease, Owl? It seems like this issue has been tormenting you! LOL

  13. Oooohweee! Owl, you are Sherlock HOWLmes! I just visited your blog and saw all your tracking and tracing of Barbara! LOL
    WHO CARES how many times she has visited your blog???

  14. Take on the situation...but not the torment. That is my philosophy.

    I have several blocked email addresses.

    STOP visiting my blogs and I WILL REMOVE your name as tags, the pictures are staying.

  15. Oh, and YES you called out MY entire name as well as Michelle's in your December 27th blog entry.

  16. OcieMysticOwlMelanson,

    WHEN you remove my name as tags, and remove your "Barbara obsessed" devotional posts about me from your blog, I will not visit again. Keep talking about me, and I will continue to visit this PUBLIC BLOG of yours. Why don't you call it "I am obsessed with Barbara McLuin", what it REALLY is?
    Honestly, Ocie, why don't you devote YOUR blog to YOU...and what YOU do? You claim to have "Stevie tribute" shows, and videos, and photos...Post them! Talk about YOU! Show yourself performing! You claim to have customers, update your "Store" so it doesn't say the same thing as it did in 2007 when you put it up? Stop trying to compete with me, and be OCIE MAE MELANSON, and do your OWN thing, you will feel soooo much better, then standing in someone's shadow constantly, trying to do what they do. Just a thought.
    I will stop visiting your blog, when the above happens.



    Obviously I have another blog devoted to ME. Website is being updated and should be LIVE end of week.

    LEAVE EVERYONE alone that you are badmouthing and perhaps the same will happen for you.

  18. Everything WILL stay there, YOUR NAME is removed as tag items.

    I AM doing my own thing, and it is Very Successful.

    I am not obsessed with you, I have to DEFEND myself from you.

  19. Ocie - What about the website you created in which you bashed Barbara?? You never answer that question. Why??

  20. Ocie - Do you have electronic copies of it that you could post on your blog, please?

  21. Barbara McLuin has posted my full name continually on public websites--even though she knows that I use a stage name for security reasons. She has purposefully used my legal last name on message boards, blog posts and other internet sites.
    This has been going on for years. She goes to all my sites--you tube, amazon, etc and posts defamatory comments about me. I have NEVER once called her names in public, but she continues to slander me.
    Slander? yes. She posts things about me that are simply and verifiably not true.
    She is the obsessed one here.

  22. No but i am sure Barb does, and it was probably fabricated by her.

  23. Ocie - so you are denying creating

  24. Ocie~

    I thought YOU did the "Stevie Nicks finery" for this performer?

    :original article:

    She doesn't mention you or give you credit, instead says:

    "In addition to her band and backing vocalists, Joseph credits many people for their contributions to make this vision a reality, including her husband, Chris, costume designer Debbie Goodhue of Oceanport, makeup artist Glenda D’Ambrisi of Long Branch, hair designer Dayna Frick of Red Bank, personal assistant Lois Chick of Highlands, and Nan Leonard/Nanette Leonard Public Relations."

    I would be rather upset about this, if I were you, and I was her costume designer, and you did not get mentioned. Does Michelle give you credit as being her costumer on her page?
    If you don't advertise, or have your clients do so, you will never get more than the three customers you have. Just a thought.
    Do you have photos of people (other than Michelle, or yourself) wearing your outfits?
    If you are just making stuff for your friends and yourself, as it seems, then that is fine.
    I thought you wanted a serious business.
    In any case, I wish you all the best, and if you leave me alone, I will do the same.
    Let's see how this works out in this wonderful New Year of Blessings.

    Cheers, all!

  25. -----Original Message-----
    From: Renee L [mailto:r***************]
    Sent: Monday, December 07, 2009 9:15 PM
    To: Ocie
    Subject: Edge of Seventeen

    Dear Ocie:

    I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did making the cape. Jody was immediately transformed into the white winged dove!

    The detail was incredible and that beautiful fabric picked up every color from the lights. Jody looked exactly like our beloved Stevie. I couldn't believe how authentic it looked. It was identical to the one Stevie wore. I hope you got the pictures I sent and the leg warmers were equally as beautiful.

    Thanks again for the beautiful job you did. You are talented in so many ways!



    0 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
    Save your money/This is AWFUL!, July 1, 2009
    By B. McLuin "Timeless Barbara"
    This has got to be the worst "Stevie Nicks" impersonator out there. The band itself, and backup singers, etc. are very good, but let's face it, you go to see a "Stevie Nicks" tribute to see/hear the "Stevie" and this one is way too old to cut it, and her voice and mannerisms are awful!
    (saw a video of this mess, too). If you are even considering purchasing this, save your money, it is HORRID! She sounds no more like "Stevie Nicks" than some 70 year old karaoke Grandma. Sorry "Bella Donna". Everyone that has heard this calls her "Smelly Donna" as she is SO terrible.
    So funny, she now posts as "Nearly Nicks" (Michelle Weitz) and tries to say she is the best Stevie Nicks tribute out there. OMG how pitiful are you when you have to write up your own reviews. I feel sorry for this poor old woman.
    Grasping at straws. You can't sing, you don't look like Stevie Nicks, and writing your own reviews is BEYOND pathetic. OMG.

    M. Weitz says Initial post: Nov 6, 2009 12:22 PM PST
    The "review" by Timeless Barbara is not a review at all but a bashing of a band that she has been jealous of since day one. Just because this disgruntled, unsucessful singer cannot compete, is no reason to sling mud here


    In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2009 4:00 PM PST
    B. McLuin says:
    [Deleted by Amazon on Nov 21, 2009 4:00 PM PST]
    HERE IS WHAT WAS DELETED by amazon, originally posted by than B. McLuin:
    B. McLuin says:
    Haha Michelle Weitz "Tyler", you think because someone thinks YOU (not the band) SUCK, they are jealous? bawahaha. I am so FAR ahead of you in talent and looks, not to mention you are almost what, 65? You suck, dear, and that is the fact! ALL the Stevie Nicks fans say it. Why do you think they dubbed you SMELLYDONNA? Cause you STINK. LOL. Hilarious, keep makin' a fool of yourself...we'll keep laughin'

    Posted on Dec 2, 2009 7:59 PM PST
    Brooke Phillips says:
    Barbara, why are you so unprofessional? Please re-read your "review" and tell me where the professionalism is in this. You revert to high school tactics and use name-calling. Besides, since when does age matter -- Stevie Nicks will be 62 next year. Also, do you not realize who "Nearly Nicks" is? Even I know this is not Michelle.
    Why are you so jealous? Please take a moment and stop looking at others and help yourself. I honestly don't say this in
    a snarky way that is putting you down. I do not want to be misunderstood in typing. You could put your energy into other things and you go out of your way to write an immature comment that is in no way professional in the music industry.
    It completely baffles me when I see this - even down to the "OMG". We can see you are a Stevie Nicks impersonator, so anyone with half a brain will know what is going on here. Why write this when you apparently have a business and are a fellow Stevie Nicks impersonator -- people will see this.If Michelle is an old woman, you must be 16 years old and still in High school writing things like this.

    In reply to an earlier post on Dec 2, 2009 8:16 PM PST
    Last edited by the author 9 hours ago
    B. McLuin says:
    Dear "Brooke Phillips"/Nightbird/Brooke Alyson, whatever you are going by these days, Perhaps you do not know Michelle Tyler's REAL name. Michelle Weitz.
    The writer calling itself "Nearly Nicks" IS M. Weitz. It is you, my friend, who has not a clue.
    Why do you and Michelle think that anyone who says she stinks is jealous? My God. SHE CANNOT SING LIKE STEVIE NICKS. Period.
    I guess the TRUTH really does hurt. But it is not just me who thinks this. Everyone else is just too afraid to post the truth. I am not. The woman is a pathetic "tribute" to someone as grand as Miss Stevie Nicks, sorry. I post the truth, and I post as myself, and do not need to hide behind fake names like you people. Geesh.
    I can name 40 people that think Michelle sucks. Including some of Stevie's family.
    The Truth Is Told. Oh, yeah, but the old lady will get this deleted, (like she did with my honest reviews) as she cannot HANDLE the both really ARE pathetic. "Tributes" you call yourselves. A JOKE is what all the other people do. Oh yeah, and I am not the one that needs "help" darlin...I LIVE in the real world,unlike you two. Seriously, take a LOOK at YOURSELF on video, and those "new"
    photos. Darlin...Please. Oh, and I have heard that YOU, Brooke Alyson, have said many things about Mrs. Weitz, too, from a few mutual friends, shall I quote you? So YOU are nothing but a two faced lying wanna be to. (Stevie's child...aren't ya, one of the ones she got rid of? OMFG...bawahahahahaha) about needing serious HELP...dear, YOU do.

  28. Wow, this conversation really has spiralled down into the dumps. However, there is truth to what Barbara says - Michelle of Bella Donna simply is not a good Stevie Nicks tribute artist. Aside from the cape and shawl and hair, her voice sounds nothing like Stevie Nicks and doesn't evoke a feeling of Stevie, aside from the cape/shawl and hair. Not meaning to bash here, just stating an honest opinion - watching Barbara perform, one gets the sense that she really understands how to interpret a Stevie Nicks song.
    Although Barb may be harsh in her "review" of Michelle, there is some truth to it.
    Thanks for posting!
    fan of timeless, who has seen Barb perform, Thom Martino, Orlando, FL


    ~Lily Chanel~
    ~Lily's Ivory Wings~
    A Stevie Nicks Experience
    ~Pictures Of Lily~
    Site devoted to Lily's Stevie Nicks Illusion shows
    ~Thank you for visiting her..~


    View profile
    More options Mar 29 1999, 3:00 am
    Hey-I tried to answer your little pathetic comment here..."no such
    address"...HEY!!! LETS MEET !!! Where are you??? COMON you have such BIG
    WORDS why you hide behind the INTERNET fake addresses????
    I can travel FAR...My fiance wants to meet with YOU ...comon...lets see who is
    cross eyed, darlin!!!!!! sweetie...OH PLEASE??? I wanna have some FUN!!! Let
    me meet YOU FACE TO FACE!!!!! You are so brave here on the newsgroup
    sweetheart I wanna see you in real life!!! LETS DO IT!!!!! Sorry you cannot
    handle the fact that I make wonderful money singing Stevie Nicks so AWESOME
    that people LOVE it & I have clothes sent to me from all over the world, and
    YOU DONT. Maybe because I am a nice person and you NOT!!??
    Comon and email me at with a REAL e-mail address not a
    chicken - pitiful one....COMON!!!! DO IT!!! STAND UP FOR YOURSELF I AM NOT
    AFRAID OF YOU !!!!!! ~Lily~
    PS- anyone wishing to comment on this YOU are welcome to e-mail me also!!!!!

    Why did she not get married?


    AND the Coup de grace:

  30. nothing ever changes with her drama. just different people that she vents her hate at. those old posts were interesting and very telling.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. For your information, thank you for posting my employment information which IS A FELONY and MORE Harrassment and I will be seeing you in Civil Court very soon for that. I don't SERVE wings, I run the ENTIRE CORPORATE OFFICE of 80 Franchises for your information. YOU posting my work information is just cause for a peace order, thank you for that. Monday I am taking off to go to the Courthouse, for the SECOND TIME against you. This time I can satisfy the time constraint to the court system. SCREEN SHOTS Baby! And because I was in court for YOU once, this should be a cake walk.

    For as much pain and suffering that you have caused people there are a HOST of people that could have posted those links.

    3 customers huh...? That is what you think. And quite honestly I don't care what you think of me or my business.I am satisfied with the income from it, and RLO Productions which is Hypnosis, Wedding DJ, Stevie Tributes, and Karaoke from time to time.

    At least I can pay my bills and get my customers their refunds in a timely manner...oh that is right, I don't HAVE TO GIVE REFUNDS because I am INCORPORATED, LEGITIMATE, and reputable.

    See you in court! Thanks for posting that!

  34. Ocie,
    You were thrown out of court the first time you tried this, and will be again. I have ALL the info on ALL you have posted about me, so try it again, and see what happens this time!
    I asked you NICELY to leave me alone, and stop being such an OBSESSED NUTCASE!
    I won't ASK again.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Barbara seems to have no idea that SHE is the one who is causing all the drama. Just read the posts about her that date back to 1999. did she know Ocie then? What was her excuse for pissing everyone off on that message board?

  37. January 13, 2010 7:12 AM

    the The Enchanted Mirror Shoppe said...

    I thought YOU did the "Stevie Nicks finery" for this performer?

    :original article:

    She doesn't mention you or give you credit.

    YES, She did, here:

    Thank You Jody and Renee!

  38. Let's get this straight, Barbara is not a Stevie Nicks impersonator -- technically. We have yet to see any recent photos or video of her in concert. So she's been out of the loop for years.. at least. There is, however, continuously updated dates and photos and video of Bella Donna. Private parties could be anything and doesn't count. When's the last time any 'fans' have seen her? Please let me know.

    I think it should be quite obvious what is going on here.

    Not to mention, she apparently doesn't realize how much she stalks certain Tribute artists myspace pages, where it shows the percentage of how much she is frequenting them ..and the amount is staggering, and downright strange.

    When you break it down, this is all pretty silly, so just ignore the bitch and she'll get found out eventually. It will have to be. She won't be caught this way - What you put out there, definitely comes back to you. It's really very sad. She will be found out in time. Be patient. She is a very sad individual and has probably got in over her head and is bored to death, so she harasses others when she should be sending things off. Always CHECK sources before buying anything on the internet. What goes around, comes around. Ocie, you have a life.. Michelle, you have a life.... She doesn't. Therein lies the answer.

  39. Personally, I saw Barbara in concert in Boston for the fan club gathering, and she was awesome!
    I know she is currently working with an agent on getting together the best musicians in the Atlanta area, for the her new tribute debut in the Fall.

    I keep in touch with her, because I can't wait to see her with the full band.
    I find it amusing you say visiting people's "MySpace" pages is "stalking". Isn't the reason for having those dumb pages IS for people to visit them? Otherwise, why bother?
    I guess I stalk too, when I go see pages on "MySpace" LOL!
    Barbara has been performing Stevie tributes since the 1990s, long before anyone ever heard of "Bella Donna", or whoever the Ocie person is.
    I don't care how many "updates" or "bookings" said tribute band gets, the singer for that band certainly doesn't "get" the whole Stevie Nicks vibe.
    Singing & performing talent are something you are either born with, or you try to attain.
    I assure you, Barbara has quite the life.
    Many many people, it seems, wish they were her.

  40. What is up with all this tribute crap?
    Who cares who has bookings, agents or any of that? You have turned this blog into a tribute show catfight.
    Who cares if Barbara is a "Stevie Nicks impersonator" or not, really, is this really important to you people?

  41. Yeah, I agree - WHAT IS UP With all this tribute CRAP ??

    Barbara McLuin has turned this into a tribute show catfight with all her, ahem..."Friends" that come on here to talk about her TRIBUTE and bashing all the others. Who Gives A Rat's Ass about ANYONE's singing?

    McLuin needs to RULE her Books and Orders, forget about Ruling The World. That ain't gonna happen.........

    Poor Bobster of Kent, to be associate with such a scam artist. He's probably getting taken as well.

  42. Who's Bobster of Kent?
    Personally, I think tribute artists are rather silly. Why can't people do original music, and look like themselves, rather than trying (usually poorly) to imitate others?
    I ordered from Barbara about a year ago, and got my moon necklace in about 3 weeks from ordering, so I have no problem with her.
    I found this blog accidently awhile back, and check it every so often, but it seems to be more about Stevie Nicks tribute bands, than anything else. I don't get it.

  43. Why are you focusing on my comments about the tributes?

    _You have missed my point entirely._

  44. Sorry. What is your point? Looks like the store is getting orders out, and should be caught up very soon. So, what about the "tributes"?? LOL.
    Tributes usually suck, in my opinion. Give me the original artist, unless they have passed away, which Miss Nicks has not.


  46. Barbara Joy McLuin, as of November 20th, 2012, was arrested on 6 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY and 1 Count of CRUELTY TO A PERSON.

    Her Karma, that she talks so much of, finally caught up to her, so it seems.

    This says it all.
    CASE CLOSED. I'll pray for you, Barbara.

  47. 2015

    Last week, Barbara Joy McLuin, 54, of Loganville, was convicted of cruelty to an elder person in the Walton County Superior Court.

    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff's Office
    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff’s Office
    According to Alcovy Circuit Court Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Payne, the conviction carries a maximum 20-year sentence. McLuin will be sentenced by Alcovy Circuit Court Superior Court Judge Eugene Benton on Aug. 26, 2015.

    Payne said the conviction stems from McLuin’s arrest in 2012 following a call from her Loganville home regarding a medical emergency with her elderly mother.

    “On Nov. 20, 2012, the defendant called 911 to request EMS assistance at her home in Loganville. She reported that her 80-year-old bedridden mother was suffering from an altered mental state,” Payne said. “Walton County Fire and EMS responded to the call and found the home to be unlivable. They reported it to law enforcement and removed the victim from the residence. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement responded to the scene. Due to the conditions inside of the home, the house was declared uninhabitable. The victim was transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center and treated for various medical issues related to bed sores and infection.”

    According to the WCSO incident report, some 15 – 20 cats also were removed from the home by animal control. McLuin was also charged with animal cruelty, but was found not guilty on that charge, according to Payne. Officials confirm McLuin is the same Barbara Joy who is a member of a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute band.

    The case was investigated by WCSO and prosecuted by Payne along with Victim Services Director Kim Roberts. A jury convicted McLuin on Aug. 6, 2015 and she is currently being held at the Walton County Detention Center awaiting sentencing.