Friday, January 8, 2010

How fun!

All those weird posts you've recently seen, they've been done by Barbara or her Bud Rocco, as they started about 20 minutes after Barbara called me on my business phone, after having been on my website. And since she and her friend Rocco both know my business, being an heir tracer, they are the only ones that could have written those comments.

The funny thing is - it shows once again that neither Barbara or Rocco are able to really pay attention, as my website explains that I don't work with State funds and that I in fact only collect money after the payment has been received (which is what their posts recommends). So, obviously, her posts actually recommend me. So, thank you Barbara and Rocco (who I think are the same person)!!!

I have now changed this blog to have me approve all comments, to avoid this b.s. that they're trying to create.

and gee, right after I wrote the above blog the comments stopped, so someone must be keeping on top of this ;-)

All those comments show how seriously disturbed this person is. If they had spent all morning sewing instead of trying to come up with bogus b.s. to be vindictive, then maybe someone else's order could have been finished.


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  2. "The best year ever is upon us", we'll see. I've been waiting for my items for over a year now. We'll see if you finally get your act together or keep spending your time all over the internet.

  3. I've had to seek appropriate action against B, (the girl in question), and her "So Called" Online business Stevie Nicks Shoppe because it's been almost 2 years since I've gotten the one thing I had ordered from her. Then all she does it tell LIES about you to the authorities that we have contacted and called her into question and LIES AGAIN about when you can expect to get the item. Watch out everyone for the person this blog is about, she will turn on you and is obiously a scam and con artist. Everyone should know this info. before getting invoved with her and the likes of her and her "So Called" business and business ethics. She has NONE!!!

  4. I am a LEGIT customer, still waiting over 2 years for 6 months of fan club items. I feel foolish for not canceling my subscription sooner than I did.

    Lots of email replies from Antoinette since January - lots of promises and excuses, but no packages yet.

    Today, my email to was returned today as "mailbox full".

    I'm posting this on your blog as it seems Barbara is here regularly, and perhaps the public nature of this forum will help me receive some satisfaction.


  5. Stefanie,
    I am happy to hear you have received your items.
    Seems like the store's new owners, or helpers are getting everything back on track.
    Shame these "bloggers" are still so full of hate.

  6. For the record, there is NO ONE in my family named MARY that would ever read let alone POST in this blog.

  7. I purchased something from their site on November 16 and was told I'd have it soon. Then when I wrote in December I was told they were sewing it something they'd never mentioned before. Now I found this and I am really worried. I'm on disability and can't afford to be out $40. I tried filing a paypal claim but they say since the transaction was over 45 days old they might not be able to help me.

  8. Hi Stasha,
    Please check your email box. I do not check this "blog" any longer, someone told me about your post so I wanted to let you know that the beret is in process. This blog is not the place to inquire about orders, please communicate directly with me via eMail or I may no see your question. Thank you!

  9. To "Ocie Melanson",
    Cease and Desist harassing MY customers.
    I am sick of hearing how you badger them to buy YOUR crappy knock off unprofessional "wares", and tell people they will not get orders placed with me. Get OVER me, Ocie, and GO AWAY!
    YOU will never win! LEAVE ME ALONE. I am asking NICELY one more time. That is the LAST TIME.

  10. What the hell are you talking about? Just because I wrote politely to ask you NOT to contact me on Facebook you start this crap? To not LIKE any of my pages, to not comment on any of my pages? I am not badgering any of your customers because I don't care who they are.

    From my FB email:
    "Ocie Melanson January 14 at 4:36pm
    Barbara, the only way to send you a message was to friend you. Honestly, I would prefer if you do not contact me whatsoever. Athough you stated the Past is the Past and The Drama is so 2010....I simply do not want contact. Please respect that.

    January 14 at 4:44pm Report
    Why didn't you just email me? You have my email address.
    Sure. Deal. All the best."

    Now you just want to write falsities in here to slander me? Leave me alone as I requested...stop posting SHIT that is not true.

    Funny how you write in this blog a day later.

    Yep, I wrote you when Teena Marie died and passed along my condolences to you. I thought that was a NICE thing to do.

    I asked you nicely FRIDAY to not go to my Facebook pages (you were "liking" every post I had made) or make contact with me and YOU SAID DEAL. You are a deal breaker as we all know. How would I even KNOW who your customers are? You are simply unbelievable. I don't give a fuck about you or your band or your customers. Go Away and stop LYING.

  11. Oh, I don't want to WIN anything. I am in no contest with anyone. I love what I do and wish you would love what you do and just leave me alone. I get alerted when things change in this blog just like you do. Now, just go away.

  12. O.M.M.
    If you don't give a F*** about me, my band or my customers (which I would LOVE to be true), why do you daily 1-5 times go to my blog and sites, via "Change Detection"? Do you think your IP is not saved? PLUS: I have all the emails you have sent to my customers, with all the "you are never going to get your order" messages, in attempts to get a customer of your own.
    Unlike you, I do NOT subscribe to this blog. Did in the beginning, but it got so stupid, I canceled all the pages. I came back to THIS page because MY customer (Stasha) posted here, and I am Shipping her order this Week.
    You hunt my customers down, and they ask me "who is this Ocie woman" LOL! I would not even have thought you were that obsessed with this. Even they think it is nutty!
    It is a new Year, Ocie. STOP. Just STOP visiting my blog, forget I exist, and I will do the very same. POOF! You are not in existence in my World. Please do the same.
    I asked nicely. Just Go Away.
    Thank you.

  13. You are total bullshit and a liar. I Don't WANT any of your customers, and you certainly ONLY have emails because you have fabricated them. CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY from posting this trash talk. By the way, you WILL be getting a letter from my Attorney and I do not throw things like that around lightly. This WILL be posted on my Facebook since you chose to do battle with me, once again.

  14. Ocie Melanson/Mystic Owl Fraud/Stevie Style Finery Rip Off by Ocie Melanson:

    I was told BY MY CUSTOMERS they had received emails from you, THEY named your name, or I would have never even thought you would be so desperate. I saw the messages. You have been badgering me for SO many years now, I would think you would be tired of it, and ReJoice in your great singing talent and traveling to Iraq, or wherever you are taking your karaoke show, and leave me alone!
    Why is this so difficult for you? I don't want your emails, I don't want your Facebook messages, I don't want to see your IP daily in my blog tracker, my band's website tracker, and anything else I am doing.
    You can take your potty mouth, and all that and just disappear from anything "Barbara".
    Guaranteed if you do this, you will not hear from me.
    Sounds like a Deal To Me.
    I will not address TRASH like this again.

  15. I would be so thankful if you left me alone....that is ALL I want in this lifetime. You HALLUCINATED and/or fabricated the messages. Everyone knows what a scam you are, read through this blog. I have NEVER had ONE legitimate complaint ever nor have I ever had to refund anyone their money.

    Say what you will after this but I NEVER ONCE friended you on FB except to ask NICELY that you not contact me on FB, and to please stop "liking" all my posts on AJ's Garage Band Page.

    That set you off. Expect a letter soon from my Attorney and I WILL POST IT on my facebook page for everyone to see.

  16. Ocie Melanson,
    You are a seriously DISTURBED woman. YOU WROTE ME with your pathetic "fake sympathy" about Teena Marie. I have all the messages. I also have the emails you badgered MY customers with, telling them they will not get their items from me, and they should order from you, etc. etc.
    You have never had one complaint, about your "Timeless Finery" (even trying to copy my descriptions and such, for your rags) because you GIVE your items away to your tribute friends!
    NO ONE PAYS YOU FOR YOUR RAGS! Com'on. We all KNOW this! You think if you give away capes and such to ACTUAL tribute artists, they will "like" and "accept" you for the whackjob you are.
    If all you want is me to leave you alone (which you would not KEEP harassing me for 7+ years and hiding under fake names to join my groups, etc), WHY do you go to my blog and websites daily, up to 8-10 times per day?
    I LEFT YOU ALONE. If you ever come near me you WILL be arrested!
    Now, you are starting crap up by BADGERING my customers, which I will NOT tolerate!
    The actual 4-5 customers on this insane blog, ALL got their items or a refund. The other hundreds of posts are by YOU or Nutcase extra personalities you become. (anonymous and such). REAL customers are taken care of.
    Crazy people like you need to be put away.
    I have NO problems with anyone else online, it is always YOU who cannot live with my Success, Band and JOY.
    Ocie, you are NOT a talented singer. You are NOT a seamstress (Mom sews for you).
    Either take classes, vocal lessons, make it better or move on to something else.
    Whatever you choose, just FORGET I exist.
    If you leave me alone, you will NEVER hear from me again.
    Isn't that what you CLAIM you pray for and want?
    Well, if that is true....there will not be another post from you to me here.
    Or anywhere. If there is? Then I Am PROVEN to be right.
    Attorney? LOL. Surely you cannot even try to be serious, you are penniless, and had to sell all your furniture for your hospital stay when you tried to off yourself.
    (don't even try to deny that one).
    What would your "Attorney" say to me?
    I have the YEARS of BAD MOUTHING you have done against me all saved in files.
    Leave me, and my Customers, A L O N E.
    Surely, even someone as dim witted as you can comprehend that request?
    I am sorry you are so unhappy and miserable, but this does NOT concern me. I did not do this to you, you did this to yourself.
    I have NOTHING to do with YOU or your so called life, so GO AWAY!

    :::it is like talking to a 2 year old who cannot understand a word you say::::

  17. On Sun, Dec 26, 2010 at 9:34 PM, StevieFan wrote:
    I know how much you loved Teena Marie, and I want to pass on my condolences to you.

    Subject: Re: Teena Marie
    To: "StevieFan"
    Date: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 9:39 PM

    I hadn't been online very much, and I had not heard this until your email. I am devastated, and she was my very favourite female vocalist.
    I am looking up online to see what happened, they say she died in her sleep, had a seizure.
    This is so horrible.
    Thank you so much for thinking of me, that means SO much to me. You are a Good Person, Ocie, and may God Bless you, & bring you happiness and success in all the years to come.
    Thank you,

    From: StevieFan
    Subject: Re: Teena Marie
    To: ""
    Date: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 9:48 PM

    Thank you Barbara, I hope you achieve what you are going for. Have a safe new year and again, I am very sorry for your loss.


    These emails? Were actually sincere from me. Obviously NOT sincere back from you.

    No, YOU started this and I am going to end it. Penniless.....PFFFFFTTTT..far from it! Attorney, you bet your lying ass the letter is coming. Let's see how long you leave these comments posted AS YOURSELF UP...proving MY case for SLANDER AND LIBLE.


    Screenshot of just THREE of the HUNDREDS of time you have visited my blog (these in the past week) DAILY.
    YOU are a stalking, crazy, obsessed woman!
    I asked nicely to leave me alone.
    I have never in my life, known someone so OBSESSED and PSYCHOTIC.

    Will wait patiently for your "ATTORNEY" to send me a letter. Make sure you type it up to look REAL official, Ocie! BAWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  19. Yep, I check your blog to make sure you are not trash talking.

  20. Oh, my apologies, Ocie. THAT is why you play my MP3s as soon as I post, visit my Band's Facebook & Website daily, and check the blog 3-5 times a day. You were thinking my band is a Tribute to YOU? I am SO sorry. No, I am not singing about you, talking about you, or mentioning you on any of my sites, or in my music. LOLOLOL.
    Why don't you take a hint from ACTUAL singers and performers, and live your OWN life and enjoy that, and don't worry about my band, my blog or sites. I assure you, there is not now, nor will there ever be, in the future, a mention of Mystic Owl Ocie Melanson. Unlike your blog, and Facebook, which have my name all over it. And WHO is a bi-polar obsessed nutjob?

    You are cracking me up.

    You are just mad, because I want you gone, after I had to block you on YouTube after your "good luck" comment, and then block you on Facebook after your "friend request".
    I want to be left alone, but YOU cannot do it!
    WHY?? I don't like you, you don't like me, it should be SIMPLE!

    Ocie one month ago, with her fake "nice" comment, trying to befriend me:

    Ocie just days ago, trying to befriend me on Faceboook:

    Please, man, just get a Life! You are BLOCKED now from ANY of my accounts, ANYWHERE!

  21. "GOOGLE Said:
    Ocie just days ago, trying to befriend me on Faceboook:

    Uh, no it is clarified HERE why I had to "friend you"
    From my FB email:
    "Ocie Melanson January 14 at 4:36pm
    Barbara, the only way to send you a message was to friend you. Honestly, I would prefer if you do not contact me whatsoever. Athough you stated the Past is the Past and The Drama is so 2010....I simply do not want contact. Please respect that.

    January 14 at 4:44pm Report
    Why didn't you just email me? You have my email address.
    Sure. Deal. All the best."

    Ocie one month ago, with her fake "nice" comment, trying to befriend me:

    No, I was not trying to FRIEND you at all...I was REALLY seeing a "change" in you with NOT posting negative comments about people and I was wishing you Good Luck.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    And why are you not posting "as yourself" as tout in all you other posts? Hmmmm.

  22. Hmmm. You have NO REASON to "Facebook friend" me, when you HAVE my email, and had just sent your fake "sorry about Teena Marie" email TO my email, a few days before. STOP LYING!
    Don't wish me Good Luck. Don't email me with condolences on a singer or celebrity I like. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, OCIE. IS it REALLY THAT HARD? I am not posting anything Negative about anyone, so LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

    Good Lord, it is not rocket science.

  23. Do your FRIENDS approve of you trying to start all the NEGATIVITY AGAIN? YOU are the ONLY one trying to start crap. Just leave me alone, now and for the next 50 years. PLEASE.

  24. Do Not Deny that you "LIKED" AJ's Garage and do not deny that you LIKED all the gigs I posted and do not deny that you LIKED that I was going to Nicaragua. I never friended you until AFTER you had posted all that stuff only to ask you NOT TO CONTACT ME.

    I DID NOT "START" ANYTHING but a war apparently by asking you to NOT contact me.

  25. Ocie,
    Can you act like an Adult here?
    I said Leave Me Alone, you claim to want the same. I say JUST DO IT! I am MORE than happy to wipe your name from existence, in my memory.
    You are mad because I have blocked you. Whatever. I don't CARE. You say you want me to leave you alone, but you cannot stand to not have the "last word" like a 5 year old baby.
    YOU are the one who contacted MY customers, posted on MY YouTube, sent ME a Facebook friend request, which I had to now block you from multiple media sites.
    STOP visiting all of my sites/blog, STOP playing my MP3s, just STOP IT ALL.
    Get on with being "Ocie Melanson Mystic Owl" karaoke show, and be happy with that.
    Since you are so immature, you have to have the last "post" here, I know you will have to reply to this, but I don't. "I'm not a child anymore.'

    GoodBye and Good Riddance, Ocie Melanson.

  26. Hahahahahahaha.
    Fuck this is hilarious.

  27. Barbara Joy McLuin, as of November 20th, 2012, was arrested on 6 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY and 1 Count of CRUELTY TO A PERSON.

    Her Karma, that she talks so much of, finally caught up to her, so it seems.

    This says it all.
    CASE CLOSED. I'll pray for you, Barbara.

  28. Barbara....I've seen all the cases against you, the animal cruelty case, how you owe ppl $$...what is wrong w/ you, & I almost bought something from you & thought you were a decent person since most Stevie fans are. WTH?? You were being nice cuz you had an alterior motive. That's just sick!! I'll pray for you too. Sherri Lynn

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And I saw the actual articles not from what th ppl on here have said. BTW~~ANYONE who is sick enough to have an animal cruelty case against them makes me cringe!!!! You need help.

  29. 2015

    Last week, Barbara Joy McLuin, 54, of Loganville, was convicted of cruelty to an elder person in the Walton County Superior Court.

    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff's Office
    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff’s Office
    According to Alcovy Circuit Court Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Payne, the conviction carries a maximum 20-year sentence. McLuin will be sentenced by Alcovy Circuit Court Superior Court Judge Eugene Benton on Aug. 26, 2015.

    Payne said the conviction stems from McLuin’s arrest in 2012 following a call from her Loganville home regarding a medical emergency with her elderly mother.

    “On Nov. 20, 2012, the defendant called 911 to request EMS assistance at her home in Loganville. She reported that her 80-year-old bedridden mother was suffering from an altered mental state,” Payne said. “Walton County Fire and EMS responded to the call and found the home to be unlivable. They reported it to law enforcement and removed the victim from the residence. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement responded to the scene. Due to the conditions inside of the home, the house was declared uninhabitable. The victim was transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center and treated for various medical issues related to bed sores and infection.”

    According to the WCSO incident report, some 15 – 20 cats also were removed from the home by animal control. McLuin was also charged with animal cruelty, but was found not guilty on that charge, according to Payne. Officials confirm McLuin is the same Barbara Joy who is a member of a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute band.

    The case was investigated by WCSO and prosecuted by Payne along with Victim Services Director Kim Roberts. A jury convicted McLuin on Aug. 6, 2015 and she is currently being held at the Walton County Detention Center awaiting sentencing.