Thursday, April 29, 2010

different personalities

Since I have to approve the comments before they show, I notice that they all come in clusters. What's curious is that there are usually 3 or 4 clustered together, written just within minutes of each other, and which sometimes refer to one of the other messages, even though they haven't been approved, yet - so nobody else can see them.

Such is the case on the blog titled 'Enchanted mirror and the BBB'. There was a post by Stephanie who claimed that she had received her products, but she was embarrassed about the recent 'cow' comment. The cow comment was actually a post that came in just a few minutes before Stephanie's and which I didn't approve and which Stephanie couldn't have seen. Then right after that 'anonymous' wrote in, congratulating Stephanie on her having received her products (anonymous couldn't have seen Stephanie's post yet) and also showed concern about the 'cow' comment. So, obviously all three comments were written by the same person, as only the same person would have known about each post.

So, we have the same person writing positive reviews for Barbara's shop and also writing nasty comments about Barbara, to gather sympathy and make it look as if someone else does it.

Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

edit: it seems that some people still can't comprehend: There was another 'cow' comment posted 2 minutes before 'Stefanie' posted, it would have shown right above her post, if I had approved it - but I didn't. And 'anonymous' post to Stefanie was posted 2 minutes after 'Stefanie's, except she couldn't have seen Stefanie's post, because I hadn't approved it yet, it was still in my email waiting for my approval.

And 'anonymous' post refers to 'cow post(s)' plural , so she clearly knew about the 2nd cow post and she knew of Stefanie's post, even though neither one of them was showing on the site at the time that she was writing it.


  1. The "cow" comment has been up here for a few days, LONG before Stefanie's post. Meds, girl, did you forget them again?
    Your attempts are getting really pathetic now.
    Even the actual customers think this blog is a joke, now!

  2. The "cow" comment YOU posted on the 23rd. Stef's post was the 29th. Umm. Six Days? What are you trying to pull now? More Lies from the BLOG owner. Gonna publish this? hahaha.

  3. I posted the cow comment. Barbara is a fat cow.
    I am not Stefanie, and I sent this comment in DAYS ago. I stand by what I say. Barbara and all her fatty friends are what is pathetic

  4. The "cow" comment was posted DAYS before Stefanie's. What's up with you?

  5. This has really turned into absurdity.
    "Cow" post, or post"s" who cares?
    It seems this blog is posted by three people.
    Over and over. Two non customers, and one refunded customer.
    Do you really think this is constructive behavior? Calling someone "fat", or saying she cannot sing, etc etc. It is like being in grade school, where the children have nothing better to do, than show hate.
    Thank God the world is not run by such Negative, and spiteful beings, that the only way they can feel good about themselves, is attempting to squelch others.
    This is a shameful place to be, and I feel poorly just posting, and adding to the drama.
    It is a shame the person who started this is such a bitter human, and this is like her personal fix, or soap opera.
    Sad, very, very sad.

  6. Cynthia,

    I totally agree.
    There is so much animosity and hatred here.
    It seems to have nothing to do with this store, or real customers. But people just hating on Barbara, because she can sing, or sew, or whatever.
    Now, even the blog owner is condemning a real customer "Stefanie", saying she is lying?
    Are you going to start bashing the real customers, now, too?
    What is the POINT of this whole blog?
    Trying to be mean to Barbara (she is "fat", old, cannot sing, etc) is just silly, and it shows the mentality of the posters.
    From what I know, Barbara is getting everything caught up, and shipped out.
    Isn't that what you people want?
    Jumping on real customers and such, only makes YOU look foolish.

  7. By jumping on the customers, AKA Stefanie, you really show your (Cyndi Lauper) "True Colors".
    The personal attacks on tributes, Barbara, Michele and Ocie, are beyond absurd.
    I think the entire blog has totally blown its intent or purpose. Michele is pretty, Ocie is a nice singer, and Barbara looks and sounds like Stevie, back in the day.
    "Can't we all get along?"

  8. For the record, I am a real customer! Good luck with the bitter times blog you got going here. This is definitely the last post from me, I just really don't like being called a liar.

  9. I just found this blog, but I've had a lot of fun reading it. As in the other posts, its obvious that most of the comments so far in this post were written by the same person.

    And this from Barbara's blog today:

    "Show someone some love today.
    Step out from behind masks and shadows, and enjoy Life.
    Let others live their lives, and work on making your own life
    one to be proud of.
    Saying bad things about others only serves to make YOU look bad."

    Lets all sit back and lol, shall we?

  10. UPDATE :

    Barbara Joy McLuin, as of November 20th, 2012, was arrested on 6 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY and 1 Count of CRUELTY TO A PERSON.

    Her Karma, that she talks so much of, finally caught up to her, so it seems.

    This says it all.
    CASE CLOSED. I'll pray for you, Barbara.

  11. 2015

    Last week, Barbara Joy McLuin, 54, of Loganville, was convicted of cruelty to an elder person in the Walton County Superior Court.

    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff's Office
    Barbara McLuin. Photo courtesy of Walton County Sheriff’s Office
    According to Alcovy Circuit Court Assistant District Attorney Jacqueline Payne, the conviction carries a maximum 20-year sentence. McLuin will be sentenced by Alcovy Circuit Court Superior Court Judge Eugene Benton on Aug. 26, 2015.

    Payne said the conviction stems from McLuin’s arrest in 2012 following a call from her Loganville home regarding a medical emergency with her elderly mother.

    “On Nov. 20, 2012, the defendant called 911 to request EMS assistance at her home in Loganville. She reported that her 80-year-old bedridden mother was suffering from an altered mental state,” Payne said. “Walton County Fire and EMS responded to the call and found the home to be unlivable. They reported it to law enforcement and removed the victim from the residence. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control, and Code Enforcement responded to the scene. Due to the conditions inside of the home, the house was declared uninhabitable. The victim was transported to Clearview Regional Medical Center and treated for various medical issues related to bed sores and infection.”

    According to the WCSO incident report, some 15 – 20 cats also were removed from the home by animal control. McLuin was also charged with animal cruelty, but was found not guilty on that charge, according to Payne. Officials confirm McLuin is the same Barbara Joy who is a member of a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac Tribute band.

    The case was investigated by WCSO and prosecuted by Payne along with Victim Services Director Kim Roberts. A jury convicted McLuin on Aug. 6, 2015 and she is currently being held at the Walton County Detention Center awaiting sentencing.