Friday, December 4, 2009

It seems.......

that I irritated someone with my blog. Very happy to notice the lively debate that's going on in response to one of the previous blogs. So, people that google her will come across her blog and see that I'm not the only person that has been defrauded.

As to promises that I get my $ back this month - yeah, right! She had the funds to pick up and move from Kentucky to Georgia, but supposedly doesn't have enough money to pay pack $ 150.00
- something smells pretty bad.

In the meantime I'm keeping up my complaints at various venues.


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  2. You mean three, Barbara. LOL.

    Keep smiling, dear. Everything is catching up with you.... and will get you eventually.

    What was that about karma? Oh, yeah.

    Whatever Barbara accuses someone else of doing, she does herself. She is obsessed with every impersonator out there and claims she is "THE BEST". It never ceases to amaze me how unprofessional she is. You just don't go around doing, acting and saying this -- even if you are the best! Not to mention all the people she has ripped off, I guess she has to get drunk to forget and soothe all the guilt she has. It's really sad. So on top of ripping people off, she goes around claiming to be the best and the "original" -- Hmmm, original? My ass. Let's ask Stevie about that. Besides, when you are doing an impersonation, you will never, ever, ever be "original". Sorry! If you are meaning the "first" -- Hmm, no you weren't. I can count a couple who were before you, dear. I can't even believe you say this to begin with. You are doing an IMPERSONATION!

    The sad thing is you are extremely delusional.
    Please, please... get some help. And I say that in the most nicest, gentlest way possible.