Saturday, December 5, 2009

I wonder.......

if this so called usps shipping code, given by Barbara, is the same kind of code that she gave to those 2 people on ebay, who had negative comments. She claimed that she sent their products and even gave an usps code, yet, neither one of them ever received anything. One person lost over $ 400 to her lies......


  1. Since the tracking number is "out in the open" I am confident there are many waiting to see the results of shipping.

    I hope the recipient replies here as to their satisfaction with product after waiting all this time for it.

  2. Indeed, Mystic one.
    The tracking is OUT HERE for YOU to follow...please continue to do so.
    And when Michaela's refund is issued, is she going to be honest and say she has her cash back? Stay the blog of your lives...LOL.

  3. Oh, and Miss Michaela, it is called a "Delivery Confirmation" number. So no one can claim they did not get their package.
    It is issued by the United States Postal Service. Just an FYI, dear.

  4. Wow. After reading your blog, you are seriously living in a fantasy land. Anyone in their right mind would know you are delusional. Yes, Barbara, keep dreaming...
    try hard, try harder ..

    If people weren't getting continuously ripped off, we could all just let her live in her fantasy land and let her think she is what ..she thinks she is.