Monday, December 7, 2009

Refund and interest

unfortunately, they don't let me add comments to my own blogs, so I will just keep adding new blogs.

Make sure that you add 12% interest to the refund you're sending me , since Feb. 20th. You took the liberty to keep my money and work with it and subsequently I lostthe funds accordingly.

Georgia allows 12% interest for fifas, and that's what I expect for my money.

Anything else will be unacceptable.

And....yes, I will report here that I received a refund...should it come. But we all know that the only reason you're given is because it's getting too hot for you and I'm creating too many problems by being vocal about your fraud. There are many more people that have been defrauded by you and your scams. So, don't expect me to cancel the blog, as I want other victims to see that they're not alone and that they should just go ahead and file any kind of criminal complaint against you.

Your business practices are completely unprofessional. Giving a refund or sending merchandise after 1 year or more is not ok. It doesn't just wipe the slate clean. Your reputation will spread and it will backfire on you.


  1. Dear Michaela,
    YOU are not creating ANY problems for me.
    You will receive a refund for the full amount you paid for your item, as soon as the vendor refunds my payment to him since you changed your mind about wanting the item.
    I am not viewing nor posting in any of your "blogs" again, I am far too busy this Holiday season for such jibberish.
    I will eMail you when your refund is available and going to PayPal to you.
    Good Day.

  2. From another Disgruntled Customer----sent to me via MySpace
    From TAMMY

    yes ,i had plenty of problemsw/this vendor.she completed have my order only recieved 2 bottles of perfume and i had ordered 2 fanpackages and 2 necklaces.i fought with her for 7 moths to get the rest of my i contacted the bbb in lextington.and she accused me of being highly medicated accused my mailperson of taking the packages. 6-29-09 she sent it out with a upsp nuber that didn t i had been ripped off $45.00. she high tailed to georgia .also her myspace page has now been yeah she f-ed me over good......thanks for posting this bulletin..


  4. Hi Ocie, I just played one of your songs for my grandmother, and she went into an epileptic seizure. Thanks!