Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's interesting to note.....

that Barbara claims to already be selling merchandise to 3 stores and yet, she's not registered with the Georgia Secretary of State. I bet they won't take kindly to that.


  1. http://consumer.georgia.gov/00/channel_modifieddate/0,2096,5426814_5687815,00.html

    Contact Us
    Our office is located at 2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive SE, Suite 356, Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600.

    The office is open 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

    Visitors to the office should expect to show picture identification to access the building.

    There are three ways to contact the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs with consumer complaint information:

    You can call us to speak to a trained customer service representative about your consumer problem. Representatives are available between 8:30 and 5:30 weekdays for your phone calls. First you will be asked for the name of the business about which you are complaining and a short description of your problem (such as billing dispute, debt collection, auto repair problem, or failure to refund). You will then be transferred to a customer service agent who is trained in the area of your problem. Please note that you will be asked to submit your complaint in writing if the issue appears to be one in which we would consider taking action.

    Phone: 404-651-8600 or

    1-800-869-1123 (toll-free in Georgia, outside of the metro Atlanta calling area)

    You can contact us in writing and submit your complaint by mail or fax. We do not accept e-mails. Posted on this web site is a Consumer Complaint Form that can be downloaded, printed and completed.


    Although you are not required to use our form, your complaint must set forth the problem chronologically and must be accompanied by copies of relevant documents such as invoices, contracts, or previous correspondence with the business.

    We will accept faxed complaints if they are not more than five pages in length, including the attachments, which must be legible. We request that longer complaints and those involving documents with light or small print be mailed instead of faxed, to avoid unnecessary delays due to illegibility. Our fax number is 404-651-9018.

    Complaints submitted to us by mail or fax will receive a response.

    Mailing Address:
    Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs
    2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive SE, Suite 356
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4600

    Fax: 404-651-9018

    You can submit information through an online form. Use this form to alert us about a practice that you feel is illegal, deceptive or unfair.
    Consumers who submit complaints through the online form will not receive a response from our agency unless we elect to pursue this issue on behalf of the larger consuming public or need to contact you for more details or copies of pertinent documents.

  2. Hi Ocie! My cat, named Madonna, can sing Vogue better than you! LOL, your version sucks poopie diapers. LOL

  3. Hi Anonymous, that may be true but I get paid to sing! Does your cat? I have an IP tracker on that site so you are NOT so anonymous my Dear! Cumulative evidence, cumulative evidence.

  4. Listen Owl, I have heard many a version of Vogue, by Madonna wannabes, and yours is BY FAR the absolute most horrendous, in my opinion. Who pays you, the creatures of the enchanted forest? LOL

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh, there is that word WANNA-BE's ....again. And for the record, my name is OCIE. I have to find those emails McLooney sent using OWL as my name...think she even wrote something about enchanted forest too, so sad...

  6. What about the website you created slandering her and her band???
    Rocco in New York
    PS I know your name is Ocie; I was using "Owl" in a satirical way.